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Private GMAT Tutoring

For students who prefer to work one-on-one with a Manhattan Review tutor, we offer GMAT private tutoring either as a supplement to a GMAT class or as a stand-alone GMAT service.

As a GMAT class supplement, private tutoring can be helpful for students who are particularly stuck on one subject area. Students can choose their own hours and work directly with a coach who will develop an individualized study plan.

The GMAT private tutor will work one-on-one with the student to ensure that his or her individualized plan is fully implemented. Students can choose to meet with their tutor at one of our centers (in-person) or live online.

Types of GMAT Tutoring Packages

Students can select GMAT private tutoring services either on an hourly basis or as part of a plan. During the first session, tutor and student will work together to devise a game plan that will serve as a syllabus for the remainder of the tutoring partnership. The tutoring plan will be periodically updated through regular assessments. Due to increased demand for private tutors, it is recommended that students sign up two to three weeks prior to desired start date.

Private GMAT Tutoring Packages of 10 Hours or More

Students who select GMAT private tutoring packages of 10 hours or more will receive: 

  • Five full-length computer-adaptive practice tests designed to simulate the GMAT's computer-adaptive format.
  • Strategy guides for each GMAT subject area and question type, including math and verbal theory, problem solving techniques and essential formulas. Guides include hundreds of examples of each question type.
  • In addition the course will utilize the Official Guide for GMAT Review (containing more than 1400 real GMAT questions), which students must purchase themselves.
  • Foundational math and verbal primers containing must-know mathematical rules and formulas and grammatical rules.
  • Question bank (pdf book)
  • Online Recordings