Best GMAT Course Instructors at Manhattan Review

Our Instructors

In any course, the instructor makes the class, and at Manhattan Review we pride ourselves in our selectivity in hiring only highly qualified instructors. Our instructors all have high GMAT scores, graduate degrees (MBAs, Ph.Ds. or JDs), teaching experience, and have demonstrated a passion for teaching. We have a rigorous interview process, to ensure that we select teachers who are articulate, compelling, engaging and experienced. Many of our instructors are college or university professors at local institutions, and we pay well above the industry standard to attract and retain top talent. In addition, our instructors undergo a thorough training to ensure they have full familiarity with the content and are practiced in the most effective ways to present it.

Experienced Educators

Manhattan Review only hires instructors with a minimum of two years prior university teaching experience. We feel strongly that experienced educators are best able to communicate the materials and address the range of questions and issues that can arise in a classroom. Our GMAT students are educated professionals seeking graduate degrees, and we feel they expect and deserve instruction from teachers who have experience working with students of their caliber.

Having prior college or university teaching experience ensures that our instructors are not only able to achieve high scores, but they are trained communicators who are able to guide a classroom of students toward this goal. Through our formal training, our instructors learn to apply their teaching skills toward successfully communicating the Manhattan Review content and curriculum.

Graduate Degree Training

Having graduate degrees means our instructors have not only been through the application process for graduate school, but they have demonstrated a proficiency in coursework that involves a high level of analytical thinking and critical reasoning, essentially they have experience using the problem solving skills that the GMAT seeks to assess. We select instructors who demonstrate sophistication in their approach to academic concepts and maturity in their attitudes toward managing the classroom. Our instructors are skilled at assessing classroom strengths and weaknesses and adapting materials to suit the needs of the class. They also are experienced at developing individualized study plans. We select dependable educators who are committed to their students' success.

Consistency and Reliability

Our courses have one instructor for the entire course, and many of our instructors have been with us long-term. They have demonstrated dependability and commitment toward mentoring and motivating students toward long-term results.

Having a single teacher for a class is essential to ensure that the mentor who helps students set their goals is also there to see them through and ensure they stay on path to attaining them. Our teachers teach each course holistically and individually. Not only to they present content to the classroom as a whole but they monitor student progress and remain available on an individualized basis to help students stay on a path to success.

Manhattan Review GMAT instructors have trained for more than 100 hours in course content and presentation. They are fully versed in course materials and are committed to engaging the classroom with challenging and compelling instruction.

A Passion for Teaching

Through a careful screening process we select instructors who are charismatic, compelling and passionate about helping others achieve GMAT success. We choose instructors who can communicate our curriculum in an interesting and challenging way so that students leave feeling confident and well prepared.

Instructor Testing and Training Standards

Manhattan Review instructors have demonstrated mastery of the GMAT, typically with scores in the 99th percentile. Our teacher orientation and training program is a comprehensive certification program to ensure that instructors are fully versed in the GMAT and the best way to teach it. Before becoming an instructor, each instructor-in-training spends an entire course as a teaching assistant to observe how a class is managed from start to finish.

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