GMAT Course Adaptive Curriculum at Manhattan Review

Adaptive GMAT Course Curriculum

Manhattan Review's GMAT course has an individualized, adaptive approach that adjusts to each student's needs and background. We recognize that students have been exposed to a variety of learning styles and have diverse backgrounds and experiences. In teaching students our test-taking approach and core concepts, we assess students' individual challenges. Instructors are specifically trained to work on the individual level and to create customized study plans that address specific needs.

Homework and practice exercises are tailored toward areas where each student has the greatest room for improvement. Supplemental study materials are provided in an engaging manner so that all student feel they have access to understandable information that they will be able to digest and fully master. Students are given the tools to work at their own pace in ways that will maximize the impact of their study and practice.

GMAT Course Class Size

Small class sizes allow instructors to evaluate classroom performance and adjust the pace of the presentation of materials to the rate of success students are having in mastering it. The size of the class also allows instructors to monitor individual progress, and to further break down materials in a learning-block approach for students who encounter difficulties. Instructors use initial test scores, scores of periodic practice tests and student feedback to measure each student's progress and identify extra materials or instruction that can help students improve.

Instructors are available through email, for individual office hour appointments before or after class, and are committed to ensuring that students get the individual attention they need. It is Manhattan Review's goal that each student achieves optimal positive impact on his or her test scores. Regardless of individual starting score, each student will get a tailored plan for success, based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

Our Research Team

Our curriculum is continually reviewed and updated by a research and development team of university professors and Ph.D.-level researchers led by our founder and chairman, Columbia University-trained Professor Joern Meissner, PhD.

Our R&D team has high-level academic training in psychometric theory, the field of study underpinning test design and educational measurement. We are one of the few companies that has been invited to the Graduate Management Admission Council's comprehensive workshops on their changes and updates to the GMAT.

We continually monitor GMAC's recent and proposed changes to the GMAT to ensure our curriculum is current. We also conduct ongoing tests and studies of our methods to evaluate effectiveness.

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