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Manhattan Review's classroom-based test prep courses—both in-person and in our interactive online classroom—are taught by highly qualified instructors who have demonstrated mastery of the test by performing well on the GMAT and obtaining an elite score themselves. We intentionally keep our class sizes small, and we have designed our program specifically for students interested in working with instructors who can help them set and achieve personal goals. Our instructors have strong resumes that include, in addition to high GMAT scores, degrees from prestigious business schools and, in some cases, real-world experience in the types of positions that students hope to obtain upon their own graduation from business school. More importantly though, our instructors are all good teachers. They possess strong communication skills and unparalleled training in helping students tailor study plans to their specific needs and goals.

An instructor-led classroom setting allows students to address obstacles as they arise, ensuring questions are answered immediately. With this method, students can then spend at-home time reviewing and reinforcing these lessons. For many of our students, this interactive classroom format also helps ease anxieties associated with preparing for the GMAT. While the classroom setting provides students with the advantages of direct interaction with a skilled instructor, it also provides students with the benefits of interacting with other learners going through the same test prep process. The classroom setting exposes students to varied perspectives, as well as different approaches, that can only come from learning alongside other students.

To ensure students achieve their personal best, our instructors help students set goals, in addition to helping them structure their study time. Instructors assign tasks and hold students accountable for keeping up with their individual study plans. Our students essentially form a partnership with instructors who have a first-hand, in-depth understanding of the GMAT. We have devoted significant resources to ensuring that students who complete our program are able to approach the GMAT with confidence, certain that their preparation has given them the tools they need to succeed.

Why the GMAT is a Different Kind of Test

While many standardized tests are designed to enable students to demonstrate what they know, the GMAT is different. The GMAT is designed to assess the way students think and reason. As such, preparing for the GMAT is less about memorizing and learning facts, and more about understanding how to approach problems. Test-takers must be able to evaluate what type of information is needed to answer a particular question, just as they must be able to identify what analytical or reasoning skills should be employed to find the right solution. Preparing for the GMAT is about understanding and becoming familiar with the test format, which includes test perspective and test methodology.

What Sets Manhattan Review Apart?

Manhattan Review provides students with an in-depth understanding of the GMAT and teaches students how to think like the test makers. We go beyond common tips and tricks to teach students how to solve problems in the most efficient ways possible. We teach and demonstrate to our students the logical decision-making processes that the GMAT is attempting to measure. These processes are reviewed and practiced until they become second nature. Our students learn how to address each problem proactively and how to anticipate and avoid common test-related challenges and traps.

Why Our Approach Leads to High Scores

As a standardized test, there are a finite number of concepts and methods that the GMAT can assesses. Manhattan Review shows students how to master the full spectrum of quantitative concepts assessed by the GMAT. In addition, Manhattan Review teaches students how to approach questions, helping them identify what a question is truly asking and how to employ the most effective strategy to arrive at the best answer. We also teach students how to recognize common test traps, ensuring they do not make common mistakes that will significantly lower their score. Students complete our course with a thorough mastery of the subject matter and the ability to think like the test creators. This approach, rather than rote memorization, is what allows our students to obtain high test scores and gain admittance to leading business programs around the world.

GMAT Prep: course or tutoring, in-person or online: Prep your way!

When it comes to preparing for the GMAT, we know every student learns in his or her own way. That is why we have created a variety of test prep options, allowing you to customize your learning to your specific test-taking needs, as well as your current schedule. Many students enjoy learning in the company of others. They find themselves inspired or motivated by being in the presence of other like-minded learners and derive a great deal of benefit from interactions with classmates. For those students, we offer classroom-style group courses. Other students know that they do not perform at their best when attempting to learn complex academic information in a group setting. They may find themselves distracted by others or worried about hindering the pace of the group. Alternatively, these students may become bored or frustrated once they have mastered a particular concept but are unable to move on until everyone in the group can demonstrate similar mastery. For students who prefer to learn at their own pace and are seeking truly personalized instruction, we offer private tutoring sessions.

Whether you enjoy learning with others or working one-on-one with a private tutor, we offer both in-person and online GMAT preparation options. Many students enjoy in-person learning and find they focus better in an instructional environment that is outside of their home. They enjoy being in a class with others or meeting and working with their private tutor at a mutually convenient location. Other students, however, require more flexibility when preparing for the GMAT. Students with busy lives, including those with extensive work and personal commitments, appreciate the opportunity to prepare for the GMAT online. We offer both group courses and individual tutoring programs online, putting you in charge of your test prep schedule. With online group courses, if something comes up and you are not able to attend a session live, you can easily watch the recording to stay on track with your learning. You can also email your instructor with questions between classes. Private tutoring sessions can be scheduled at times that are most convenient for you. When you are able to concentrate in the context of a supportive learning environment, you will be amazed at how fast your knowledge of the GMAT will progress.

Manhattan Review GMAT Course Overview

Manhattan Review offers courses across the US and in several countries around the world. In the US, our courses are offered on various dates and times at locations selected to best fit the preferences of our local students. Our course is continually updated to incorporate the GMAT's latest changes. Topics progress from easier to more advanced materials in each successive week of class. Click below to review our course syllabus and schedule of homework assignments. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive and effective GMAT preparation, and our students have a strong record of test score improvement.

Our GMAT Online Courses are highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded GMAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy—please simply fill out the GMAT Prep Consultation Request Form, and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation is completely free, so get your prep started today!

Maximize Study Time with Manhattan Review

The Manhattan Review curriculum is designed to reinforce skills through a combination of exercises, in-class instruction, online problem sets, and practice tests that closely mimic the actual test. Exercises, both those completed in-class and at home, cover the concepts that are assessed in test questions. These exercises also help our instructors to identify areas where students need reinforcement or additional assistance. In class, instructors review problem areas and introduce coursework with the next level of difficulty. Following each class session, students can test their mastery of the concepts they have studied through online problems that incorporate the concepts into actual test questions. Each lesson follows the same format: 

  • Review basic concepts through skill-building exercises.
  • Attend class to reinforce concepts learned at home and receive instruction on more difficult coursework.
  • Apply concepts to online sample test questions.
  • Use online office hours to get extra help from Manhattan Review instructors.
  • Take any of the 5 simulated GMAT tests to gauge progress.
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