Systematic and Content Driven Approach of GMAT Preparation

Content-Driven Approach

Manhattan Review's GMAT course is designed to make the best use of students' time, with test-prep that is straightforward and streamlined. We understand that students often have other work and school obligations. Our coursework is designed to ensure the maximum impact per study hour. Manhattan Review's eight-week classic course (28 hours in total) includes clear, concise, logically prepared materials that step up to the highest level of difficulty in a easy-to-follow format.

Coursework has been carefully structured to ensure that (the optional) at-home practice materials and in-class instruction reinforce each other and cover all relevant materials. By focusing only on what counts, our goal is to avoid putting students under unnecessary stress or overwhelming them with extraneous materials. Students are given a manageable amount of work with direct significance to understanding and solving problems that will be on the test.

Realistic GMAT Practice

Students solve actual GMAT test questions for practice that will give them realistic expectations of their score and performance. Real GMAT questions are used as part of our coursework in both a timed and an untimed setting. In class, students deconstruct past exam questions to gain a first-hand understanding of the methods and techniques of the testmakers. Without the pressure of time limits, students and instructors pick apart questions to identify clues and traps of actual questions. Then, under simulated, timed test conditions, students apply what they have learned to assess whether they can solve problems efficiently. Time management is an important part of the test, and evaluating students' abilities to work quickly and budget time appropriately is essential to ensuring successful test performance.

Manhattan Review structures its coursework and homework practically, so that it is not more difficult than needed. We give students the tools to both master the test and discipline themselves under test conditions. The university class structure – involving lectures, question-and-answer sessions, collaborative projects and supporting homework – is familiar to students. The familiar teaching style and classroom environment, combined with the simple, pragmatic approach, gives students confidence in their mastery of the test concepts and techniques. Manhattan Review has relied on this structure for years to build its track record of of solid GMAT success.

Systematic Curriculum

Manhattan Review's coursework is designed for those who want to achieve a high level of proficiency in their mastery of GMAT content. Beyond the tips and traps, students who understand the academic concepts underlying the exam will be able to approach the exam and their first year of business school with confidence.

Our curriculum materials include:

  • Strategy guides for the entire GMAT, including techniques for approaching the full range of question types in the math and verbal sections, as well as essential formulas and hundreds of examples.
  • An Official GMAT Review guide that includes more than 1400 real GMAT questions.
  • Math and verbal primers that include full explanations of foundational concepts covered in the exam.
  • A comprehensive and detailed overview of the new GMAT Integrated Reasoning section, including hundreds of practice questions.
  • A sample replica of the GMAT's infamous laminated scratch paper pad – the only scratch paper available for use during the actual exam.
  • These materials are available in book form as well as through question banks and online workshops.
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