Manhattan Review's GMAT Prep Course Options

Manhattan Review GMAT Preparation Comparison

 Classic Class CoursePrivate CoursePrivate Tutoring
FormatIn-Person or OnlineIn-Person or OnlineIn-Person or Online
Teaching Hours2812From 2 to 30
Duration8 weeksPersonalizedPersonalized
InstructionClassPrivate 1 on 1Private 1 on 1
ContentEntire study plan
as fixed class course
Entire study plan
Customized tutoring
in particular subject areas
CostOnline: $990
In-Person: $1.590
Online: $1.590
In-Person: $1.590
Online: $150 per Hour
In-Person: $150 per Hour

Included material in all of the above GMAT Prep options at least:

  • Five GMAT Practice Tests designed to simulate the GMAT
  • GMAT Course Books uncovering all sections of the GMAT
  • One year full access to our GMAT Online Video Library with pre-recorded GMAT course lessons and additional GMAT teaching material

(* requires at least 10 hours of Private Tutoring)

GMAT Weekend Course Schedule
(16 Hours over a 2 day weekend)

Day 1Day 2
Math 1ArithmeticMath 3Statistics, Geometry
Math 2Algebra Review, Word ProblemsMath 4Probability, Combinatorics
Verbal 1Grammar Review, Sentence Correction IVerbal 3Sentence Correction II
Verbal 2Critical Reasoning, Integrated ReasoningVerbal 4Reading Comprehension, Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAT Classic Online Course Schedule
(28 Hours over 8 Sessions; typically over 8 weeks)

1Math 1Arithmetic
2Verbal 1Grammar Review, Sentence Correction I
3Math 2Algebra Review, Word Problems
4Verbal 2Sentence Correction II
5Math 3Statistics, Geometry
6Verbal 3Critical Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning
7Math 4Probability, Combinatorics
8Verbal 4Reading Comprehension, Analytical Writing Assessment

GMAT Bootcamp Course
(Select Locations, 42 Hours over 7 days)

1Math 1Arithmetic
2Verbal 1Grammar Review, Sentence Correction
3Math 2Algebra Review, Word Problems, Statistics
4Verbal 2Critical Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning
5Math 3Geometry, Probability, Combinatorics
6Verbal 3Reading Comprehension, Analytical Writing Assessment
7Full ReviewReview of All Topics and further Exercises