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Getting ready for the GMAT takes commitment, hard work, and practice. How else will you attain that top score and get into the school of your dreams? Take heart you can do it and your goals are very much within reach. Meeting the challenges of 175 minutes of data sufficiency, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning doesn't happen without a game plan and reliable strategy—both of which are at your fingertips.

Manhattan Review is poised to offer a wide variety of free GMAT prep options in our continued mission to support MBA-bound future business leaders. After all, if you're going to master sentence correction questions it will take some repeated exposure and practice drills. Thankfully, there are a variety of options from which to choose when it comes to free GMAT practice from Manhattan Review.

Free GMAT Practice Questions

These free GMAT practice questions offer students with very valuable insight into the nuanaces of each specific GMAT question type. Not only are our sample questions realistic to what you'll face on exam day, but most are also geared towards students aiming for a 650 and above. You deserve a high score, so why shouldn't you work with practice questions that raise and meet you on your level?

Our free GMAT practice questions facilitate a deeper understanding of what each question asks, as well as in-depth explanations for both correct answers and incorrect answer choices. We show you there very well may be more than one way to arrive at a correct answer, too, providing an array of tactics and GMAT techniques. Our free practice questions are here to show you the GMAT progress you deserve.

Whether question types like problem solving or data sufficiency, working through these free exercises gives you a better comprehension of how to apply GMAT mathematical techniques such as "plugging in numbers" and "evaluating each statement". These sample questions are meant to increase confidence, but also an encouragement to move forward with real caution so as to avoid wrong answer traps.

With our Critical Reasoning/Verbal Reasoning sample questions, you're sure to find a wide diversity of practice, covering topics such as evaluate the argument, find the assumption, inference, and find the flaw. Sentence correction practice questions cover vital GMAT Verbal areas like parallelism, grammatical construction, as well as rhetorical construction, just to name a few. Each particular question type offers its own special challenges, making repeated exposure and practice inseparable with GMAT success. And let's face it, GMAT success equals your own success, something we cherish greatly.

As an advanced test-taker, you know all too well that a sophisticated understanding of GMAT's verbal section can only come through repeated practice. You have the determination and drive, all you need is the material. Well, our free practice questions are a great start.

New Innovative Visual Tool: Your Answers Versus Those of Other Test Takers

Manhattan Review is always looking to enhance and advance the process of GMAT preparation, which is why we have a special feature when it comes to our practice questions. See the sample screenshot below? The answer "you" chose in this particular set was A, as it's highlighted in bold, where you're in the company of 12.5% other test-takers. Wrong answers are marked by the color red, whereas, the right answer is in green; here, you can see the correct answer is C. Equally important to take note of with this new feature are the percentages, which detail how many students also chose each answer. In this particular set, it reveals 38.5% of test-takers chose the correct answer with corresponding breakdowns of those who answered incorrectly next to the others.

While some practice questions through other companies may simply tally your right and wrong answers, at Manhattan Review, we take it a step further, providing crucial test-taker data that shows how well you'd do compared to your competition. Not only does this feature bring about true GMAT insight, but it makes your preparation all the more rigorous and results-driven. What more can you ask for to help you enhance your Business School application? We've got you covered.

Example Question (Screenshot):

Free GMAT Practice Test

Mock GMAT tests are vital in tracking your hard-earned progress. How else can you find out what score you need to reach unless you know where your score currently lies? Not only do we provide a free practice exam, but ours is also computer-adaptive (CAT) to give the full GMAT effect. Diagnostic practice tests shed light on a test-taking process that ultimately paves a way forward to attain that top score. For instance, how else will you know your test-taking stamina unless you sit through a real diagnostic GMAT exam?

We include demanding realistic questions in Quant areas such as linear equations, ratio proportion, probability—even number properties. Each is accompanied with a detailed explanation, clarifying why a particular question is correct, but even taking it a step further and describing why the others are wrong. Since you're intending to take your studying to the next level, it's a good thing our free diagnostic test is available to help you along your way.

With our free of charge GMAT practice test you have the opportunity to flex your endurance brainpower while simultaneously experiencing what you will anticipate on exam day. After all, who wants surprises when you're focused on answering questions correctly? When we walk into that testing room fully prepared and know the format, structure, and timing of what's expected there's no telling what we can accomplish.

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