Free GMAT Prep – Overview

Practicing for the GMAT is imperative for success in getting that top score. It's important to meet the challenges found in the exam with a game plan and strategy. Studying for the GMAT takes patience, commitment and practice to tackle 175 minutes of quantitative reasoning, data sufficiency and verbal reasoning, including sentence correction.

Free GMAT Practice Questions

These sample GMAT practice questions challenge you with quantitative reasoning, detailing data sufficiency and problem solving, in addition to verbal reasoning in both critical reasoning and sentence correction. The data sufficiency questions involve a question and two statements of data, with your job being to determine an answer based on the sufficiency of the data. Problem solving is more of a traditional standardized test format, involving a question and five answer choices. While these questions may arouse over confidence, proceed with caution so as not to avoid answer traps.

The critical reasoning sample questions are typically structured into facts or premises along with a conclusion. Remember when tackling these to identify the parts of the argument, as these questions are anything but simple. Finally, the sentence correction questions provided consist of three main question types: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction.

Free GMAT Practice Test

Manhattan Review offers a chance to take a practice GMAT test for free. This is a computer-adaptive test (CAT) that simulates the actual GMAT. It's important to take practice tests as it helps identify shortcomings and helps bring light to weaknesses, ultimately creating a path to help you get that top score. GMAT practice tests refine your strategy and highlight areas that bring about better results.