GMAT Tutoring in Tokyo

GMAT private tutoring in Tokyo (Japan)

Since 1999, Manhattan Review has been counseling students for standardized test prep. In the vibrant city center of Tokyo, aspiring MBA candidates utilize our resources to maximize their GMAT scores. Equip yourself with the educational tools to get accepted into the most premier schools in Japan.

We have teamed up with students to make the admissions process simpler and more successful. Work with our talented test prep tutors, and you'll be prepared to apply at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business (NUCB), Waseda University - Waseda Business School (WBS), Doshisha University - Doshisha Business School, Rikkyo University, and Hitotsubashi University - Graduate School of Commerce and Management – among many other distinguished names.

As you prepare to take your academics to the next level, let us lead you toward results that will drive your credentials – and your career. Streamline your studies instead of wasting your time alone with only average results. Our private tutoring services are geared toward giving you the most important information in a format that best fits your learning needs.

Collaborate with a tutor in Tokyo in a one-on-one learning environment to sharpen your strengths and work on any weaknesses. From the actual content of the exam to test-taking strategies, you'll find yourself fully ready to take on the GMAT. Graduate from a top-ranked business school, and you're almost sure to succeed as you get out into the world of business.

In our track record for success, we have helped students get into the most prestigious MBA programs across the globe. Join the ranks of our past students who have attended local schools or traveled abroad to study at Harvard, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, and other notable names.

Fortune 500 companies enlist our support to help employees continue higher education. Since Tokyo is a major commercial and cultural hub, your studies in Business Management and Administration will prove invaluable once you begin your journey as an eminent executive or innovative entrepreneur.

GMAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Prep Course Tokyo - Photo of Student Christoph

I took the GMAT weekend course last year in August in Zurich (it was the weekend of those terrific floods in Switzerland...), and I remember the instructor telling us to let you know how I did. Sorry it took so long! I got a 680, which was good for 90th percentile, and it got me an 80% scholarship at the school that was my first choice. Thanks so much for the assistance. On more than one occasion I heard my instructor's voice in my head during the exam. It helped immeasurably! The strategies, tactics, and the overall mindset he prescribed made all the difference. Thanks again! Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to my instructor.
- Christoph (This student took our Zurich GMAT weekend course)


Primary Course Venue:

InterContinental Ana Tokyo
1-12-33 Akasaka, Minato
Tokyo Prefecture 107-0052, Japan

Phone: +81-3-4589-5125

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Tokyo GMAT Tutor: Scott A.

Scott graduated with high honors from Oxford University with a degree in Economics. Almost as soon as he had the diploma in hand, a top Fortune 500 auto corporation recruited the young graduate for an entry-level position projecting financial forecasts and assessing risk.

Scott brought his fine-tuned math skills and soft people skills to the role. Before long, he was the go-to guy for projects that attracted a lot of attention. After four years with the company, Scott was offered an opportunity to transfer to the Tokyo office. (This was also in part because Scott spoke Japanese as a second language fluently – a nod to his bilingual background.)

Not only did Scott have the opportunity to conquer some new horizons, he also had the chance to continue his higher education. He attained his MBA at the Doshisha Business School, credentials behind his name that catapulted his career forward. Scott would eventually part ways with the company, though he still takes on work from time to time on a freelance basis. Nowadays, he serves more of a consultant role, continuing to draw from his industry knowledge and expertise.

Scott adds a lot of value as a Manhattan Review GMAT tutor because he has scored high on the exam and proven his academic and professional excellence again and again. He helps his students prepare for the big picture. As a boutique test prep company, Manhattan Review offers a wide range of academic counseling resources for students. Scott is an indispensible part of the team in Tokyo and has helped his students acquire MBAs from the best programs in the world.

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