GMAT Tutoring in Ithaca (New York)

GMAT Tutoring in Ithaca

Students in the Ithaca area looking for assistance for the Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, may feel that in order to help themselves get the most out of the study process and stand out from other students looking to take the exam, they may require the specialized assistance of a private tutor. Students who are looking for the services of a private tutor, or some other form of preparation for the GMAT exam, may look to the services of Manhattan Review to help them with the process of gaining a tutor for the material covered on the exam. Students who work with Manhattan Review's private tutors can either utilize their services individually or in combination with other services such as group courses and practice exams in order to allow for them to study in the way that they think is best for getting the most out of the material they are looking to cover.

Students who choose to work with one of Manhattan Review's private tutors will have access to an instructor who has helped a wide variety of graduate-level students with the process of preparing for the GMAT exam. Students who choose to utilize Manhattan Review's practice tests will be working with material that has been adjusted on an annual basis to accurately reflect the exam's most recent formatting and content. Manhattan Review students who work with a private tutor (or in the context of a group course) have the ability to take their instruction either in-person or online depending on what they feel would be best for their course of study, with the tutors offering the ability to work with all in-person students at a mutually convenient location in the Ithaca area. Students who work with one of Manhattan Review's private tutors will also have access to flexible scheduling and the ability to customize their lesson plan as they see fit to help them properly prepare for the exam.

Students who have worked with Manhattan Review for the process of preparing for the GMAT exam have managed to take the guidance they have received for the process of preparing for the exam and use it toward their goals of achieving a higher score on the exam. Students who have worked with Manhattan Review for the process of preparing for the GMAT exam have managed to translate their experience working with the instructors into acceptance at a wide variety of graduate schools, including those in the Ithaca area such as Cornell and Ithaca College. Students have also managed to attend schools outside of Ithaca such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, New York University, Barnard, Princeton, Stanford, Penn State, Kenyon, William and Mary, University of Chicago, Brown, Emory, and many others. Students have also managed to use their academic backgrounds at these schools to gain entry into a wide variety of careers. Call or email one of Manhattan Review's academic program advisors to learn more.

GMAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

GMAT Prep Course Ithaca - Photo of Student Frank

Bill was extremely knowledgeable about all of the concepts and was able to effectively answer all of my questions. He went above and beyond to accommodate my needs as student and has honed my skills in preparation for my GMAT.
- Frank (This student did private tutoring in Boston)

Meet an Ithaca GMAT Tutor: Danielle D.

Danielle D. grew up in a family that moved around the United States for career reasons before settling in the New York City area. Danielle moved to Ithaca shortly after finishing her education and now works as a private tutor for students looking to prepare for a wide variety of standardized tests, including graduate-level exams such as the GMAT and the GRE.

Danielle's approach to helping students who are seeking preparation assistance with standardized tests such as the GMAT is flexible and designed to accommodate a wide variety of students and their preferred methods of learning the material that is covered on the GMAT exam. When she is not helping to tutor students who are learning the material for standardized tests, she likes to go jogging.

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