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GMAT in a Nutshell

1 GMAT and Its Relevance
1.1 Overview of GMAT
1.2 GMAT Scores and Sections
1.3 GMAT Preparation and Test-taking Logistics
1.4 Quantitative Section
1.5 Key Preparation and Test-taking Stragegies

GMAT in a Nutshell (PDF | 777 kb)

Manhattan Review - GMAT Sentence Correction Guide - 4th Edition, 2012

1 GMAT in a Nutshell
1.1 Overview of GMAT
1.2 Key Test-taking and Preparation Strategies
1.3 Taking the GMAT
2 Grammar Review
2.1 Noun
2.2 Pronoun
2.3 Adjective
2.4 Adverb
2.5 Adverb vs. Adjective
2.6 Preposition
2.7 Verb
2.8 Conjunction
2.9 Helpful Topics
3 Sentence Correction
3.1 How to Tackle
3.2 Special Advice
3.3 Common Errors and Tested Topics
3.4 What to Do If You Are Completely Stumped
3.5 Detailed List of Typical Errors
3.6 Useful Examples
4 Sentence Correction Training Set
5 Sentence Correction Training Set – Detailed Solutions
6 Sentence Correction Training Set – Quick Answer Keys

GMAT Vocabulary List – Basic Level

A great mastery of essential English words will no doubt be very helpful to your teaching in achieving a satisfactory GMAT score and improving communication skills. To better assist you in your GMAT preparation, Manhattan Review has developed an exclusive Vocabulary List for your reference.

This book includes about 2,500 words and phrases which have appeared in the past GMATs. We have categorized all of them by their grammatical forms such as transitive verb, intransitive verb, countable noun, uncountable noun, adjective and phrase.

In addition to the first two columns of Words and Forms, we have also included another 4 columns to the right: Grammatical Details, Key Definitions, Example Sentences and Relevant Words.

Please note that a portion of this list may have been distributed to you in advance of your GMAT course for the purpose of warming up your English grammar skills and refreshing your command of English vocabulary.

GMAT Vocabulary List – Basic Level (PDF | 374 kb)

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