Manhattan Review Scam in India

It has come to our attention that a scam operation poses as Manhattan Review in India. Customers are warned that this is not a sanctioned operation by Manhattan Review New York, so you will not get the quality instruction that is generally associated with Manhattan Review. Further, this fraudulent entity has started to offer "franchise opportunities." Please note that you are very likely to lose all investment if you engage with such a counterfeit operation that has no right to use the Manhattan Review name. We maintain a Manhattan Review India Scam FAQ, please visit there for further information.

GMAT Coaching in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh, India)

Manhattan Review GMAT Coaching in Visakhapatnam

Manhattan Review GMAT Coaching Centers in Visakhapatnam

Manhattan Review is the world's premier international company for Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) coaching services. We are a full-service test prep firm in the city of Visakhapatnam (Vizag), and our local GMAT offerings include private GMAT tutoring, on-site GMAT prep courses, online GMAT instructional plans, in addition to GMAT practice exams. Manhattan Review offers GMAT instruction that is perfect for international applicants to graduate business programs in English-speaking countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. We have established GMAT coaching centers in major cities around the world, and we have instructed countless international students how to overcome the cultural and academic challenges of the GMAT. Manhattan Review students assimilate how to master GMAT study strategies, GMAT testing techniques, and all of the exercises included in all of the GMAT's sections. For more details on our GMAT classes, GMAT practice exams, GMAT individual coaching, and ancillary services for students in Visakhapatnam, email, phone, or contact us online today.

The GMAT is a four-section exam that evaluates quantitative, verbal, integrated reasoning, and analytical writing skills in prospective graduate business students. About 250,000 students worldwide take the GMAT annually, most of whom plan to pursue MBAs or other graduate business degrees. Although the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the administrator of the test, includes a number of statistical points in its score reports, the most widely known GMAT number is the composite score, which is based on the verbal and quantitative sections only and reported on a range of 200 to 800 in 10-point increments. Manhattan Review's GMAT coaching services use general test-taker data in addition to customized diagnostic evaluations to assess the GMAT benefits and disadvantages of every test prep client. We can therefore provide GMAT coaching that much more closely aligns with the specific testing requirements of our students. Receive the best GMAT learning possible in Visakhapatnam (VIzag) by joining Manhattan Review's distinguished roster of GMAT students.

Why Manhattan Review GMAT Coaching Center is the Best in Visakhapatnam

Manhattan Review's one-on-one GMAT prep classes, private GMAT coaching, and diagnostic GMAT practice exams gives way to results that far outweigh any of our rivals. This is because of the strength of our GMAT learning plans, the commitment and credentials of our individual coaches and classroom instructors, as well as the flexibility of our GMAT service options. Manhattan Review's GMAT teaching is implemented under the assumption that student engagement is a prerequisite to truly effective learning. This is one reason that we are so meticulous in our instructional staffing choices. Some test prep companies refuse to look any further than candidate test scores, yet we realize that strong academic backgrounds, appealing personalities, and dedicated styles of coaching are needed for the best possible GMAT instruction. Manhattan Review's course materials and methodologies of instruction have been created by deconstructing the exam in a thorough fashion and dividing it down into smaller pieces of information that can be more easily assimilated by students. Manhattan Review is the writer and publisher of the Turbocharge Your GMAT series of guides, which have been well received by instructors and students alike.

Manhattan Review's 'Turbocharge Your GMAT' Series is Considered the Best GMAT Coaching Material Available

The Turbocharge Your GMAT guides are considered the most comprehensive and pedagogically sound GMAT books possible on the market today. Manhattan Review's GMAT prep volumes offer professional GMAT instruction of the highest quality while facilitating the best possible GMAT score enhancements. The most recent version of the full series has been revised to integrate the most recent changes to the GMAT as well as promising new approaches to the test as a whole. Manhattan Review's GMAT books consist of accessible, clear, and concise coverage of GMAT content, in addition to study tips and practice exercises. These books aid students in raising their scores through a deep analysis of the GMAT as an evaluation, and detail-oriented expositions of all GMAT portions. The full series gives way to effective GMAT study at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, and these books are therefore perfect for every stage of your GMAT preparation. Students who use these books develop an increased understanding of the GMAT, a broadened GMAT skillset, and the confidence that can only come from the best preparation.

About Manhattan Review's Founder Prof. Dr. Joern Meissner

Manhattan Review founder Joern Meissner holds a diploma in Business Management from the University of Hamburg as well as a PhD in Management Science from Columbia Business School in New York City, the latter being an elite Ivy League institution. Meissner has been teaching business courses at the postsecondary level for over 25 years, and his passion for teaching is known to every single one of his students. Institutions at which Meissner has taught include the University of Hamburg, the Lancaster University Management School, the Leipzig Graduate School of Management, as well as the University of Mannheim. His research on supply chain management, dynamic pricing, and revenue management has been published in several prominent academic journals. While Professor Meissner thoroughly appreciates his research, he believes that grasping an idea is only half of the fun; imparting knowledge to others is even more fulfilling. This notion was crucial to the establishment of Manhattan Review and continues to be at the center of our company's educational philosophy.

GMAT Private Tutoring

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GMAT Private Course

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GMAT Prep Course Visakhapatnam - Photo of Student Raja

I took the GMAT recently & got a score of 690 (91 percentile). Although, I was aiming for a score over 700 I am quite satisfied with it, since I have a very busy schedule and I had very little time to prepare. I believe Manhattan review's weekend course and the mock tests really helped me maximize my score within a short time frame. Further, the classes gave me an opportunity to interact with fellow test takers which was very useful since I learnt from their experiences in preparing for the test and taking the test. Thank you.
- Raja (This student took our Berlin GMAT weekend course)


Course Venue: Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

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