Top 4 Ways to Master English for the TOEFL

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Top 4 Ways to Master English for the TOEFL

Learn what 4 ways thrive best to master english for TOEFL exam.

Many wishing to master English as a foreign language are curious as to the best methods available. The key to mastering a language is to live as if you already have complete fluency. Immerse yourself in the culture of the language and those who speak it. The goal with learning a language is to be able to express yourself fully and understand the thoughts and attitudes of those around you. Your aim is to understand the language both conversationally and formally. Learning a language and living a language have different effects. By learning a language you are simply exercising your memory through repetition. Sure you will know certain aspects of the language, but you will not have a strong feel for the intricacies that help languages define a culture. Here are several ways that can help you transition your language skills from a learned reflex to an instinct. These ways help you to master for the TOEFL exam.

  1. Read a novel

    Be sure to pick a novel with a middle of the road difficulty level so that your dictionary will only see action on rare occasions. Animal Farm by George Orwell and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck are recommended because of their difficulty level and length. What you can learn from reading a novel is an instinct for style. Being able to construct sentences in new and interesting ways as well as utilizing adjectives in ways that you might not have considered before will add a flavor to your language that will not only make you appear, but help you truly feel like a fluent English speaker.

  2. Read a newspaper

    The language that presents itself in a newspaper is unique to any other source. A strong grasp and understanding of this formal communication is very important and there is no better way of learning it through the absorption of current events. Current events are rarely boring and nothing grabs attention more than interest. The mind will work extra hard to focus on the details and slowly but surely you will develop a stronger ability to understand the communicated message.

  3. Watch sitcoms

    There is no better way to master a language than to watch sitcoms, or situated comedies. These programs are generally 30 minute in length comedy shows centered on simple situations and littered with jokes. The reason why these television shows are amazing as a tool to aid in language fluency is because you don’t have to follow a complicated storyline or understand every intricacy. Each joke can work independently meaning that even if you don’t understand the storyline as a whole you can still find entertainment in the program. Learning through the use of jokes on a sitcom also helps build a library of cultural phrases and humor that can’t be read in a language book.

  4. Get a pen pal

    Fluency comes from conversation. When you read text or watch a television program in a foreign language you are working to process and understand the ideas being presented. By participating actively in a conversation with someone you are also forced to synthesize your own ideas and present a response. Conversations are uncontrolled and wild, they can navigate most any topic and do so without much warning. Through the help of a pen pal you will be forced to think quicker in the language you are aiming to gain fluency in. The goal is to instinctually think in the foreign language. When you think in a language you are no longer translating but rather fluently understanding and expressing yourself.

Fluency is not just about learning a language, it is about understanding a culture, idioms, jokes, phrases, and attitudes. These are intricate aspects to a language that cannot be learned from a study guide. The only way to fully gain fluency in a language is to immerse yourself in the same environment as the society that speaks that language. The best way to gain fluency in European French would be to appreciate and take part in French culture. To gain fluency in English you must live as an English speaker in an English-speaking nation. Someone born in New York learns how to speak from the world they witness so to speak like a New Yorker you must live like a New Yorker. This applies to any city, language, or country.

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