Top 3 Reasons Why Taking the GMAT Will Help Your Career

Posted on February 17, 2015 | Filed in Career, GMAT

Top 3 Reasons Why Taking the GMAT Will Help Your Career

The GMAT exam represents more than just a grade submitted to Business Schools. Find out how taking the GMAT can help in both your educational and professional career.

Several years ago I was working at a small company that I’ll leave unnamed and felt that the time had come to take progressive steps with my career. My work was definitely not unskilled, however, I found myself getting paid less than colleagues who I’d regularly assist on daily tasks. I felt like I had no future and limited options. The only option that felt like it might have an actual, definite, impact on my career was going back to school. I was torn between attempting an MBA program or law school, but after a month of research decided that the analytical and critical reasoning foundation of an MBA program was the right choice. The first step was studying for and taking the GMAT exam. After this first step I was completely validated in my decision and immediately saw the impact that my choice had on my career.

  1. Companies love ambition.

    Before I even began applying to business schools I began adding that I completed the GMAT exam to my resume and Linkedin profile. There was an immediate impact in the amount of interviews I was getting called in for. I would get asked directly about my having completed the GMAT and my intentions for an MBA. What I learned was that companies are seeking ambitious young talent. Just like business schools want students that stand out, employers are seeking employees that stand out and will contribute tenfold to their daily operations. By taking the GMAT you are exemplifying progressive steps to improve your talents and continue learning.

  2. The GMAT applies to every day life.

    In preparing for the GMAT I began to notice changes in the way I performed at work. The GMAT exam is based on analytical and critical reasoning, solving problems using logic. My main task at work was to compile a database of relevant media sources and journalists. Before preparing for the GMAT I would conduct basic searches and input whatever data I could find. After studying for the GMAT I completely overhauled my thinking for how to locate the information I needed. I became an investigator, contacting sources and creating leads. Studying for the exam actually sharpened my mind and opened up a whole knew world of opportunity just based on expanding my thinking. Because the GMAT is structured around logic the techniques learned through studying can apply to any field.

  3. Ambitious acts inspire more ambition.

    Initially when I was studying for the GMAT my only intent was to take the GMAT. I wasn’t even thinking about applying to business schools or what might follow. I decided to take things one-step at a time. It was only after I began studying for the exam and meeting like-minded potential b-school students that I started to broaden my ambitions. For lack of a better term, I became hungry. I felt that the sky was the limit and as long as I worked hard I could accomplish a career and lifestyle that before I felt was out of reach. During my test preparation I even began looking for a better job than the one I had and was made an offer. Before even taking the GMAT I was already progressing in my career just because I was motivated and ambitious.

Chances are that if you’re thinking about taking the GMAT exam you are the type of person who wants to maximize on their potential. No one should settle for a job because a career will take up most of your life. The time you dedicate to your work should be rewarding in every sense of the word. Preparing to continue your education can mean the difference between working for your dreams and having it be a dream to come to work.

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