How to Work Backwards To Master The GRE Exam

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How to Work Backwards To Master The GRE Exam

What many don't realize is that the GRE exam covers material that should already have been covered. The best way to prepare for the GRE test is to work backwards retracing your educational history.

College is over and preparation is under full way for continued education. Getting into graduate school is competitive and everyone hopes to be among the top candidates applying. It is true that a graduate level education is a step forward, however, don’t be fooled, everything you need to know in order to master the GRE exam is already in your lexicon. The best way to prepare for such an exam is to understand that a majority of what you should be doing is reviewing what you’ve already learned.

  1. Remember the SATs?

    One of the best ways to prepare for the GRE is to prepare for an exam you’ve already taken, the SAT exams. The quantitative and verbal sections provide excellent examples of what you might see on the GRE exam. Hopefully you still have your test prep books from several years prior available. Study the problems as well as your notes.

  2. Back to School

    High school math and English textbooks can be very helpful in preparing for the GRE. Just like studying for the SATs can help in preparing for the GRE, studying High school level math and English can help prepare you for the SATs. If you have any of your old high school notebooks feel free to give them a look over. The information you will be required to know will not be complicated, just probably forgotten. Refresh your memory of what you already spent so many countless nights cramming.

  3. Read a Challenging Book

    Atlas Shrugged is long and filled with vocabulary that will probably require the use of a dictionary. As you navigate through an interesting story you will also be adding vital information to your memory bank. The GRE uses language that one does not come across on an average day; this is why it is important to read text that will challenge us.

  4. Be a Mathlete

    Attempt to become competitively good at math. Work at not only solving geometry, algebra, and trigonometry problems, but also solving them at a competitive rate. The GRE is a competitive exam, everyone else taking the exam is competing with you for placement at a top Masters program.

It may seem simple and that’s because it really is. Grad schools aren’t interested in what you don’t know because that’s what they’re there for, to teach you the advanced information. The admissions counselors just want to be able to gauge how well you’ve retained the information during your academic career. If you never spent too much time studying and the quantitative and verbal problems you’re coming across seem like a foreign language then the GRE test preparation journey will be more difficult. Whenever preparing for an exam it is important to remember that the fault, as well as the responsibility, lies solely on your shoulders. The more effort you put in the better the results will be. When it comes to the GRE consider it a second chance to take an exam you feel you could have done better on in high school. The GRE is a second chance everyone should take advantage of.

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