GRE Dossiers

Updated 03/07/2019

What to Take to the GRE

With all the hard work and countless hours you have put into your GRE course of study, don't you think it's important your check-in at the testing center runs smoothly? Naturally, anyone taking the GRE doesn't want to encounter problems at the testing center, which is why this article is crucial for you. Are you aware of all the materials you are expected to bring? What about ETS' policies and procedures surrounding exam day? While studying for the GRE is vital, so is a problem-free registration process. This is a must-read for anyone expecting to take the GRE in the near future.

Updated 01/24/2019

GRE Composite Score to Percentiles Conversion

If you're aiming for a high GRE score, more than likely you will want to know your percentile ranking, as it enables you to better understand your chances of admission into the school of your dreams. Taking your composite score and determining your percentile is a process that takes careful attention and great detail. However, if you want to attend the best school you will need the best score and percentile you can possibly achieve, which is why this article is ideal for you at this stage in your GRE preparation process.

Updated 12/03/2018

What's a Good GRE Score?

Have you ever wondered what is a good GRE score? Well, if so, then this article will bring some much-needed insight into this very important question. Not only do we break down school averages so you can better understand your competition come admissions time, but we even go so far as to average scores by graduate school major, country of origin, as well as national statistics. Clearly, understanding what your aim when it comes to that magic number is your main priority during your course of study, so let us help you paint a better picture. After all, it could save you a headache down the line, particularly when it comes to test day!

Updated 11/23/2018

GRE Score Percentiles

Are you dying to know your GRE percentile ranking? More than likely, if you're applying to some of the country's top schools, being aware of your percentile will help you understand your chances of admission. This article breaks down all you need to know when it comes to GRE percentiles, such as composite percentiles, percentiles by major/discipline—even including AWA percentiles, which many articles out there don't do. What are you waiting for? Dive in and learn something new. If you have your score handy, you can determine where you are in the ranks!

Updated 10/29/2018

GRE vs. GMAT: Scoring, Schools, & Conversion

Are you weighing the pros, cons, and other options around taking the GRE or GMAT? Clearly, the GRE has become more widely accepted at business schools around the country, making the choice of which exam to sit for a common one amongst prospective students. This article will detail the scoring specifics of both exam, schools' preferences, as well as a conversion table that allows you to determine a projected score for one test based on your score from the other. Truly, this is your one stop for all important GRE and GMAT-related questions. You deserve the best and most up-to-date information when making your decision, so why go anywhere else?

Updated 10/23/2018

GRE to GMAT Score Conversion

If you are anywhere in the conversation about whether to take the GMAT or the GRE, you're most certainly wanting to convert one score to another. With both exams now viable in the eyes of elite and non-elite schools alike, you want to sit for the test that gives you your best shot at admission. This is why converting a GMAT score to a GRE or vice versa is of great value and why we're offering such a detailed and thorough breakdown in this article. Whether you're seeking a 99th percentile score or looking to coast in on a school's average, being able to convert both scores aid you greatly in navigating the tricky terrain of both exams.

Updated 10/01/2018

GRE Test Dates in 2018-2019

Are you aiming to take the GRE in 2019? If so, you will want to know when the test is given and in what locations. After all—knowing such logistics and planning for them is the first step in any successful academic feat, right? Whether you're intending to sit for the paper-based or computer-based version of the GRE, giving yourself ample registration time is paramount to a proper course of study. Let's dive into the specifics of the 2018-2019 GRE testing trajectory in an attempt to shed some light on important questions you have regarding your test date!

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