GRE Preparation Online

One of the methods of GRE instruction that is popular around the world is face-to-face online instruction. This option is available through Manhattan Review in both group classes and individual instruction, depending on your scheduling and study needs. Individual classes online work just like a tutoring session, with the instructor focused on your needs, questions, and weaknesses, working with you to strengthen your test-taking ability. If you are on a tight schedule or have a high target score, individual courses may be a good option for you to consider. This targeted instruction will be based on your individual goals, academic background, and preferred learning style.

Class Format

Group classes online use WebEx, an interactive online platform that allows document exchange while the instructor teaches with a whiteboard and projector. The online classes follow the 8-week curriculum of the in-person classes, with four weeks devoted to reviewing Quantitative Reasoning, and four weeks for Verbal Reasoning and Analytical Writing. The online course is a comprehensive overview of all the content and information necessary to get a top score on the GRE, presented in a clear and easy to understand way. We will teach you the best approaches to GRE subject matter, test-taking strategies and tips, time management skills, and stress management techniques in order to maximize your GRE score potential.

Online Instructors

Online courses are taught by expert tutors who are professionals in their fields. Prospective Manhattan Review GRE tutors and instructors are thoroughly vetted for qualifications and suitability for GRE teaching before being hired. One of the benefits of online instruction, as opposed to in-person courses, is that all online classes will be recorded and made available for the students to review at their convenience. It is better to attend the class live online if possible, so that you can ask questions and stay on track with the progress of the course, but if you miss a class then you can easily catch up by watching the recording. Students will also have access to online resources, including computer adaptive practice exams and a full complement of GRE preparation materials from Manhattan Review.

Online instruction is a popular option for many students, especially in areas where in-person instruction is impossible. Face-to-face lessons online give students all the access of in person classroom, including the ability to ask questions and interact with the professor, as well as online resources through the webex platform. Online tutors will help you identify your personal strengths and weaknesses as a test taker, and provide you with the resources you need to fully prepare for the GRE.

Online Curriculum

Online GRE instruction is effective because the classes are small and customizable. Instructors begin their classes by getting a gauge of their students strengths and weaknesses, through GRE practice test scores, section score evaluation, discussions with the students about their self-assessments, and numerous other evaluative techniques. Our administrators make every attempt to match students with tutors and instructors who match their academic and professional interests, which is fascilitated by our worldwide network of successful professionals who are eager to share their learning techniques and professional knowledge.

Admissions Counselling

Online instruction for the GRE goes beyond mere test preparation: although of course preparing students for the GRE is our tutor's first priority, they also have the experience necessary to grant our students a broader perspective about how to prepare a winning graduate school application. Strong test scores and grades in relevant coursework are a good first step towards impressing graduate schools, but often students need to demonstrate a more applied understanding of what they want to learn and research. For business school, this primarily means understanding how businesses work, and understanding what sort of role you want to learn to perform in the business world and the classes and experiences that will prepare you for that role. For other graduate schools, you may need to learn about individual academics or professionals who work at the institution, or otherwise propose concrete suggestions for what direction you will take in your career after receiving the instruction you desire. Admissions counselling can be particularly valuable for students who are unsure what sort of graduate career they want to pursue. Our tutors have taken these exams and gone on to achieve the things they wanted; they can help inspire you to do the same, whether you want to follow in their footsteps or blaze your own path.

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