GRE Cancelling Score

At the conclusion of the GRE, you will have the option to cancel your score before your answers are graded. Scores that have been cancelled can be reinstated for a $50 fee if the request is received by ETS within 60 days of the test date. If you decide to have your test graded, for the computer-based test you will immediately see an unofficial score result for your Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections. The unofficial score result will not include a score for the Analytical Writing section, because that score must be validated by at least one human grader. Students can retake the GRE every 21 days, up to five times in a rolling 12-month period. Students who take the paper-based test can retake the test whenever it is offered, three times per year where computer-based testing is unavailable.

Score Submission

If you have your test scored, then you will have the opportunity to submit scores for free to up to four institutions. You may report only the most recent test result, or all test results from the past five years. If you want to submit test scores only from particular dates, then you must submit your scores after the test for an additional fee. Scores will never be reported to an institution without the test taker's explicit permission.

ETS strives to balance two objectives in their reporting of scores: to give every test taker an equivalent opportunity to demonstrate ther abilities, and to prevent any test taker from gaining an unfair advantage over others. ETS will cancel test scores when, in their own judgement, there is a testing irregulatity, a discrepancy in a test taker’s identification, the test taker engages in misconduct or plagiarism, or the score is invalid for another reason.

The "ScoreSelect" option of the GRE administration allows you to immediately send score to up to four recipients for free (and to additional recipients for an additional fee). You may send either your most recent test, or all tests that you have taken in the past five years. You can send additional score reports after test day for an additional fee, and then you may send your most recent test date, all test dates from the past five years, or you can pick specifically which test results from the past five years you would like to send. The scoreselect option is available for both the GRE Revised General Test and for the GRE Subject Tests.

Admissions Counselling

Many aspiring graduate students, including a majority of students applying to MBA programs, consult experts in the admissions process to help them understand the competitive marketplace and find a position that will maximize their career options and productive capabilities. While earning competitive scores on the GRE or other graduate exams is an excellent foundation for success, especially when combined with a strong GPA from a good university, admissions counsellors can help students understand how to present all their characteristics in the best light, and find institutions that will help them develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

For students who are uncertain what sort of career they want to pursue, admissions counselling can be an invaluable tool for strategic assessment and planning. The best graduate school applications are built over the course of many months, and serve as the capstone for a long period of dedicated work and achievement. Graduate school offers an opportunity to explore new challenges and probe new opportunities, but the first problem facing aspiring students is to figure out what chances to exploit and what skills to develop and highlight. Understanding all available options is the first step in building a successful and fulfilling career, and admissions consultants offer a breadth of experience and exposure that would otherwise be inaccessible to students.

For students who have already chosen a graduate path, admissions consulting can help give them a competitive edge by tailoring their applications to reflect the specific qualities that graduate programs and corporations seek. At Manhattan Review, we understand that matriculating to graduate school has more significant and specific consequences than any decision most students have made before, and we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly learning the competitive landscape to help our students find programs that will maximize their talents. Whether it means boosting your test scores to demonstrate your capabilities, or taking an extra class or two to bolster your relevant resume, Manhattan Review counsellors can help you make strategic choices to thrive in the graduate career of your choice.

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