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Why Manhattan Review is the Best IELTS Prep Option Available

Manhattan Review is a worldwide test prep company that provides a variety of flexible and effective preparation services for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Students in major cities around the world can improve their language skills and IELTS scores with our on-site or online IELTS prep courses, one-on-one tutoring for the IELTS, and IELTS practice tests. As a global company of professional educators, we have successfully taught students from many different countries and linguistic backgrounds, and our instruction has helped thousands of students around the world satisfy the language requirements of their undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Manhattan Review students have been accepted to elite universities such as Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, Cambridge, the London School of Economics, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, the University of Edinburgh, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Toronto, the University of Melbourne, and many more of the best schools in the English-speaking world. After completing their degrees, our past students have been hired by Fortune 500 companies, important firms in cities around the world, and various types of public-sector organizations.

Manhattan Review's IELTS prep courses and private tutoring include comprehensive coverage of all sections of the IELTS, using the industry's most effective course materials and innovative methods of instruction. Our students learn the study techniques that lead to mastery of each IELTS section, and they also become proficient test-takers with strategic approaches to the exam. Manhattan Review's IELTS learning programs help students meet the score requirements of their preferred institutions, but just as importantly, they also learn the language skills that are vital to success in college coursework and in day-to-day university life. Our IELTS learning options allow each student to choose the best course of study for him or her. Our on-site IELTS prep course is the preferred mode of delivery for students who benefit most from the accountability and interaction of in-person group instruction. Our online IELTS prep courses offer many of the same advantages, but with the added convenience of learning from anywhere with an internet connection. IELTS learners who are in need of individual instruction should choose our customized private tutoring, which is focused entirely on the student's specific preparation needs. Manhattan Review's IELTS practice tests are valuable supplements to the learning process for both students and teachers. Get in touch with Manhattan Review today by phone, email, or online, and we'll help you decide which IELTS learning plan is the most effective choice for you.

Best-in-class IELTS Course Instructors and Tutors

Manhattan Review is more selective in its IELTS tutor and classroom instructor hires than any other company. Most of our competitors are concerned only with instructor test scores, but we consider many other factors that are highly relevant to effective instruction, such as educational background, professional experience, and personalities suitable for teaching. After passing the initial screening process, prospective new instructors are given comprehensive training in Manhattan Review's unique approach to test preparation. Students who enroll in Manhattan Review's IELTS group courses or private tutoring plans will learn from one of the best test prep educators available in whichever city they live, and our test prep clients can be confident that their instructor or tutor has a strong and lengthy record of producing successful test score results.

Manhattan Review IELTS Prep is highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded IELTS specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please simply fill out the IELTS Prep Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation for your child or for yourself is completely free and without any obligations, so get your prep started today!

History of Manhattan Review

The history of Manhattan Review dates back to 1999. Our company's founder, Joern Meissner, was then a doctoral student at Columbia Business School who became known for his ability to teach complex business concepts with an accessible methodology. Meissner was encouraged to apply his teaching methods to preparation for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), the entrance exam for business school. These GMAT courses quickly became popular with students, and the word spread in the graduate student community. From these humble beginnings, a new and better approach to test preparation was born, and the seeds of a worldwide test prep firm were planted.

Manhattan Review rapidly expanded its test prep offerings to include services for the GRE, LSAT, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and IELTS. We now teach test prep to thousands of students in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Dr. Meissner still runs the company while simultaneously pursuing a career as a business school professor and author of several test prep textbooks. Manhattan Review's test prep services have helped countless students get accepted to undergraduate and graduate programs at selective universities in every country in the English-speaking world, and we consider the success of our students to be the most profound possible statement on the quality of our teaching.

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