GRE Preparation - Overview

One of the first components of a successful study strategy is choosing a target score; this is a process that is best completed by you, based on your own abilities, the amount of time you can devote to studying for the test, and the score required for admission to your preferred graduate schools. After reading some preliminary information about the structure and content of the test, try taking a free practice test to get a sense of what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you need to work on, what your target score should be, and how hard you need to work to raise your score to your target level. Your study strategy should combine your target score with an honest assessment of your test-taking strengths and weaknesses, as well as a strategy for closing the distance between your real score and your target score. Choosing a GRE preparation method should be part of your preparation strategy, and Manhattan Review can help you choose a preparation method that fits your needs.

Manhattan Review is a test prep company that has been providing reliable and effective study assistance for the GRE since 1999. We offer a full range of preparation options to help our students maximize their test-taking potential and achieve their target score, including on-site GRE preparation classes, GRE virtual classroom instruction in online interactive format, private GRE tutoring, and GRE practice tests. Manhattan Review is based in Manhattan, with international operations serving major cities in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. We have taught GRE prep to students from a large number of academic and national backgrounds, and our clientele is more diverse than any of our competitors.

Our GRE instructors and tutors are thoroughly vetted for qualifications and suitability for GRE instruction. In addition to high standardized test scores, our teachers often hold graduate degrees in GRE-relevant subjects from competitive universities. Many of our tutors are repsected professionals in their fields and, just as important, many have significant teaching experience and dedication to student success, engaging teaching style, and friendly and approachable personalities. New hires are trained in Manhattan Review's GRE syllabi, GRE research, and best practices in GRE instruction. We have meticulously screened our GRE instructors so that our clients don't need to gamble with their prospects by trusting questionable teachers. Manhattan Review students can be confident that our GRE services will be industry-leading, and provided by the best available GRE professionals in their cities.

GRE Preparation Online

In certain cities, in-person instruction may be impossible due to insufficient student demand. For those areas of the world, Manhattan Review offers personalized online instruction. Run just like an in-person course, onine courses utilize Webex online whiteboards, screensharing, videorecording, and other computer features to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your study preparation time. Over the eight-week course, our instructors will comprehensively review all of the material you need to learn to get a top score on the GRE. Manhattan Review's GRE prep services feature targeted instruction based on individual student goals, academic background, GRE strengths and weaknesses, preferred learning style, and cultural origen. Our GRE courses and tutoring plans have been developed over many years of experience in the test prep industry and in conjunction with cutting-edge research on GRE teaching and learning. Our GRE students learn the best approaches to GRE content, and test-taking strategies to help them maximize their score. Students around the world cannot find a better resource than Manhattan Review for all of their GRE prep requirements. The most limiting factor in test preparation for most people is time; it takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time. Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals: we will teach you what you need to know in the least possible amount of time.

GRE Preparation Books

Manhattan Review offers a suite of curricular materials to students who are looking to Turbocharge their test preparation and earn a top score. We provide a free practice test to help students identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and then our experienced tutors draw from an extensive collection of preparatory materials to construct personalized study plans that will maximize your own ability to learn the material and grow as an applicant. Specifically, Manhattan Review has books that are designed to comprehensively review GRE Math Essentials, GRE Number Properties, GRE Arithmatics, GRE Algebra, GRE Geometry, GRE Word Problems, GRE Combinatorics & Probability, GRE Statistics & Data Interpretation, GRE Reading Comprehension, GRE Sentence Equivalence & Text Completion, GRE Analytical Writing Guide, and GRE Vocabulary Builder.