GRE Books and Study Guides for your GRE Preparation

This is a list of Manhattan Review's GRE Preparation Books and other recommended books to prepare and guide to the GRE. All of these books are available on Amazon. Just click on the book title or the cover image to open on Amazon.

GRE Math Essentials Guide

GRE Math Essentials Guide
  • GRE specific math concepts and theory
  • Intuitive and graphical explanations of concepts
  • Smart Math Shortcuts
  • Comprehensive collection of math formulae
  • Over 100 practice questions
  • Mapped according to the scope of the GRE

GRE Combinatorics & Probability Guide

GRE Combinatorics & Probability Guide
  • Breakdown of GRE relevant content
  • Intuitive and graphical explanations of theory behind combinatorics & probability
  • Complete & Challenging Training Sets (Permutation & Combination - 63 Questions; Probability - 66 Questions)
  • Mapped according to the scope of the GRE

GRE Reading Comprehension Guide

GRE Reading Comprehension Guide
  • Thirteen proven Reading Comprehension strategies
  • Complete & challenging training sets: 25 passages with over 200 questions
  • Never-seen-before dedicated "Understanding the Passage" section
  • Never-seen-before visually-appetizing "Reading Through Creating Impressions"
  • Concept illustration through info-graphics
  • Ample "reasoning-based" questions
  • Comprehensive solutions

GRE Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence Guide

GRE Text Completion & Sentence Equivalence-Guide
  • Intuitive explanations of all concepts relevant for takers of the GRE
  • Detailed process of "Pre-empting blanks with a proven strategy"
  • Complete & Challenging Training Sets: 100 Sentence Equivalence questions, 100 Text Completion questions
  • Ample questions with at least one tricky option
  • Comprehensive explanations of solutions
  • Contextually relevant meaning of each option word

GRE Analytical Writing Guide: Answers to Real AWA Topics

GRE Analytical Writing Guide
  • Answers to real AWA topics
  • Comprehensive strategies for both issue-based and argument-based questions
  • Emphasis on How to ideate
  • Structured approach to brainstorm essay prompt
  • Detailed 4-step process for two 30-minute Analytical Writing tasks
  • Four essays with 4 versions (Scored 6/5/3/2) with their critiques
  • Tips on improving vocabulary and language
  • A comprehensive collection of quotes according to themes
  • 40 essays with analysis templates