GRE Numeric Entry Questions

Numeric Entry

These questions offer no choices; they simply include a box into which the GRE test taker must type the correct answer. As there are no choices, this means unlike other questions in this section, there is no possibility of trial and error by plugging in choices and working backwards. The problems have to be solved.

In some cases, instead of one box to type an answer into, there are two boxes on top of each other. This indicates that the answer is a fraction and the test taker must type in a numerator and denominator. Fractions may be reduced to lowest terms, but it is not necessary. In other words, if an answer to a question is the fraction 20/80, both 20/80 and ¼ are correct.

For those who have reached the answer using the online calculator, there is a data transfer button on the online calculator that sends the answer directly to the answer box.

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