GRE Tutoring in Pretoria (South Africa)

Most graduate applicants to universities in the United States must take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and the GRE is also an option for entrance to universities in many other countries. Prospective graduate students living in Pretoria can master GRE content, study techniques, and test-taking strategies through Manhattan Review's boutique GRE prep services. Our high-end GRE learning plans can be delivered either as online prep courses, on-site prep classes, or private tutoring, and we also offer GRE practice tests. Manhattan Review, an international test prep firm founded in 1999, is dedicated to providing the best possible GRE teaching in Pretoria and other cities in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. Thousands of students have been accepted to graduate programs at elite universities with the help of our GRE instruction. Our GRE clients learn to further develop the core academic skills that facilitate higher GRE scores and better performance in graduate coursework. Become a Manhattan Review student by contacting our Pretoria office today for details on our GRE prep services.

Students preparing for the GRE must begin the learning process by setting GRE target scores, which are dependent on the specific degree program a student is attempting to enter. Graduate degree offerings in the sciences tend to favor the GRE quantitative score. In the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California-Davis, the average GRE scores for admitted applicants were 163 quantitative, 153 verbal, and 3.5 analytical writing. A 163 quantitative is in the 84th percentile of all test-takers, while a 153 verbal is just barely above the median at the 51st percentile (3.5 analytical writing is in the 42nd percentile). For an applicant to this program, we would suggest target scores at or above 165 quantitative, and we would also urge the applicant to aim for higher verbal and writing scores, which will impress admissions officers (a 160 verbal and 4.5 writing would be extremely beneficial). Graduate programs in the liberal arts generally show the opposite preference, because verbal abilities are more important to success in these disciplines. Again, above average scores on all sections create an optimal situation with respect to admissions odds.

Students who complete Manhattan Review's GRE prep courses or GRE private tutoring plans are consistently accepted to the English-speaking world's best universities. Our clients have begun and completed graduate study at Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford, Cambridge, King's College London, the University of Michigan, the University of California-Berkeley, the University of Virginia, and many other great schools. An advanced degree is now a prerequisite for a successful career in many fields, and employers expect job applicants to possess substantial skills and knowledge. Manhattan Review's GRE clients have been hired by several of the top firms in Pretoria, including South African Reserve Bank, Exxaro, King Price Insurance, and CSIR. Manhattan Review alumni have also been hired by numerous Fortune 500 companies (Enterprise Products Partners, Walgreens Boots Alliance, World Fuel Services, JP Morgan Chase, and Lockheed Martin, just to name a few). Manhattan Review's GRE prep services in Pretoria will help you become viable in the 21st-century economy by getting you ready for acceptance to a respected graduate program.

GRE Private Tutoring

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GRE Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
GRE Prep Course Pretoria - Photo of Student Hugo

My first class in Manhattan Review was a very good class. George is a very good teacher.
- Hugo (This student took our GRE course.)


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NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Pretoria GRE Tutor: Fernando F.

Fernando F. is originally from Sacramento, California. He taught GRE prep in the Los Angeles area for six years before moving to Pretoria in 2016. A graduate of Stanford University and the University of California-San Diego (bachelor's and master's degrees in history), Fernando is in South Africa conducting research for his doctoral dissertation at the University of California-Los Angeles.

Fernando is an experienced teacher at the secondary and tertiary levels. He has taught high school history and has served on the faculty of three small public colleges in California. His GRE students have been accepted to prestigious graduate programs at universities in the United States, Canada, England, and South Africa. His favorite leisure activities are cycling, skiing, and hiking.