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Students taking the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) can reach optimistic score goals with Manhattan Review's GRE prep services in New Haven. We offer a full range of GRE learning plans for students in the New Haven area, including customized private GRE tutoring, GRE prep courses in on-site or online formats, and GRE practice tests. Test-takers interested in the fastest possible GRE preparation should opt for our one-on-one GRE tutoring, which features custom-designed learning plans dictated by individual student characteristics, such as academic background, target scores, and preferred learning style. Private tutoring clients work exclusively on their own GRE preparation issues with a highly qualified tutor. Students who learn most effectively in traditional classroom settings are probably best suited for our on-site GRE prep courses, which meet at convenient New Haven locations and at practical times. Proactive learners should consider our online GRE classes, which use the latest educational technology to facilitate rigorous study from the comfort of home or anywhere with an internet connection. All students benefit from Manhattan Review's authentic GRE practice tests, which reliably assess progress and help formulate study plans.

The GRE is one of the world's most widely taken graduate-level examinations, with more than 650,000 administrations annually. According to Educational Testing Service (ETS), mean GRE scores for all students are approximately 150 verbal, 153 quantitative, and 3.5 analytical writing. Upper-percentile quantitative scores are more common than elite verbal scores. About 24% of test-takers receive quantitative scores of 160 or above, while just 14% of students are at this same level on the verbal section. Approximately 6% of all test-takers score at least 168 on quantitative, but only 2% of students are able to achieve a verbal score of 168 or higher. Analytical writing scores of 5.0 and up are considered elite (a 5.0 is in the 93rd percentile). Selective graduate programs generally expect above-average scores on the GRE sections that are most relevant to a given degree program. An admissions committee for graduate programs in history, for example, would consider the verbal and writing scores to be more important than the quantitative score, while a computer science department would care more about the quantitative score.

Manhattan Review's GRE prep courses and private tutoring in New Haven and other cities around the world have helped students from every GRE-relevant academic subject secure acceptance to elite graduate programs. Our GRE clients have been admitted to world-class schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, the University of Chicago, the University of Virginia, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA. After finishing their graduate programs, our former students have been hired by many of the best companies in the United States. Some are now employed by the most prestigious firms in New Haven, including Premier Education Group, Frontier Communications of Connecticut, Peter Paul Candy Manufacturing Company, and Amphenol Corporation. Others have accepted lucrative positions with Fortune 500 companies, such as Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Express Scripts Holding, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and World Fuel Services. Find out more about Manhattan Review's GRE prep courses and GRE private tutoring in New Haven by contacting us right away, either by phone, by email, or online.

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GRE Prep Course New Haven - Photo of Student Tamara

I would like to let you know that I took the GRE on Monday, December 6th and earned a score of 1200 (600 verbal, 600 quantitative). I think that I did very well on the essay portion of the test as well but won't receive those scores in the mail for a couple weeks or so. I would like to thank my instructor (George S.) and Manhattan Review for helping me to increase my score so much (I got a 1050 the first time I took the GRE in 2002) Thank you very much.
- Tamara (This student took a GRE class)

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Meet a New Haven GRE Tutor: Petra P.

Petra P., a native of Hartford, Connecticut, has been teaching GRE courses and private tutoring sessions for Manhattan Review in New York and in New Haven since 2013. Her GRE instruction has helped more than 300 students begin master's or doctoral degree programs at many of the best universities in the United States, including several Ivy League institutions.

Petra completed her undergraduate studies in philosophy at Yale University, and she then earned a master's degree in education from Pennsylvania State University. Her graduate studies were partially funded by a GRE-based merit scholarship. When she's not teaching GRE prep, Petra is an associate editor for an academic press. Her favorite leisure activities are cooking, playing board games, and long-distance running.