GRE Tutoring in El Paso (Texas)

El Paso students know that in order to be a standout applicant in the best graduate programs in the country, they need to have a high percentile GRE score. You can achieve your desired test scores with Manhattan Review's comprehensive local offerings. GRE prep options and supplementary services available in El Paso include on-site and online private GRE tutoring, on-site and online GRE prep courses, GRE practice tests, admissions consulting, and application advising. For the past 20 years, Manhattan Review has been an innovative industry leader and we have helped thousands of students in dozens of countries gain acceptance to the graduate degree programs of their choice. We comb El Paso for the most qualified instructors to teach our test prep courses and private tutoring. Paired with the industry's most rigorous methods of instruction and the best course materials, our instructors are sure to help you achieve your academic goals. Manhattan Review students confidently become experts in material covered on GRE verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing through a process that uses steady, incremental skill improvements and unwavering reinforcement of those skill gains. Find out more about Manhattan Review's El Paso GRE prep courses and private GRE tutoring by contacting us today. We're available to discuss GRE prep options and answer your questions by email, by phone, or online.

According to Educational Testing Service (ETS), the organization that administers the GRE, the median GRE scores are approximately 151 verbal, 153 quantitative, and 4.0 writing. Based on test-taker data, it is more difficult to attain high verbal scores than high quantitative scores. A score of 162, for example, is in the 79th percentile for quantitative reasoning but the 90th percentile for verbal reasoning. This often takes students who consider themselves strong verbally by surprise when it is too late. Let the expertise that Manhattan Review has to offer help you sidestep common pitfalls other students succumb to, and enter the test confidently. We also specialize in helping international students. For test-takers who speak English as a second language, the verbal challenges of the GRE can be even more intimidating. Our GRE test prep courses and private tutoring programs are specifically designed to meet the educational needs of international students and English language learners.

With all that we have to offer at Manhattan Review, it is no wonder that our students boast some of the best success stories in the industry. Our GRE clients have been accepted to a long list of prestigious postsecondary institutions, whether they focused on staying in Texas at University of Texas Austin, Southern Methodist University, University of Texas El Paso, Rice or if they ventured further to Princeton, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Dartmouth, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Chicago, the University of Toronto, Australian National University, and the University of California-Berkeley, among many others. Our former students graduate from these great schools with the skills necessary to compete in the modern economy. Some of our past clients have been hired by Fortune 500 firms, including State Farm Insurance, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase. Others have returned to El Paso for jobs at AT&T, Western Refining, Helen of Troy Ltd., and countless civilian opportunities in the US military or with the Drug Enforcement Agency. Start improving your graduate school application and invest in your future success right away with Manhattan Review's GRE prep services in El Paso.

GRE Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

GRE Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
GRE Prep Course El Paso - Photo of Student Hugo

My first class in Manhattan Review was a very good class. George is a very good teacher.
- Hugo (This student took our GRE course.)

Meet a El Paso GRE Tutor: Juan S.

Juan S. joined Manhattan Review's El Paso team of GRE educators in 2018 after a nine-year GRE teaching career in his native Atlanta. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Wisconson and a master's degree in international relations from Georgetown University. In his time as a GRE tutor, he has helped students get into a wide range of programs around the world.

Juan prides himself in keeping a rigorous and focused lesson plan for his group lessons and one-on-one sessions, while leaving room for flexibility to adapt to individual needs. "As instructors, we have to be ready to change the lesson plan when warranted while still meeting the learning goals to achieve mastery of certain subjects needed to excel on the GRE. This balance is what I aim to reach each time I enter a classroom or one-on-one session." When he's not teaching, Juan enjoys travel, hiking, and following UTEP basketball.