GRE Tutoring in Dallas

GRE Tutoring in Dallas

GRE private tutoring in Dallas (Texas)

Many students thrive with the personalized attention of a private tutor. This collaborative learning environment engages students to explore areas of strength and weakness. Whether you favor verbal skills or mathematics, make the most of your study time with an experienced GRE educator.

Manhattan Review is an advanced educational services firm that offers superior standardized test preparation. Take advantage of our highly customizable course syllabus to master all the material for the exam. Dallas students have access to skilled GRE tutors who have proven track records of past success. With this one-on-one support, you'll have every platform available to reach your highest point-scoring potential.

When you apply for graduate school, your GRE results set a crucial benchmark used by graduate program admissions departments. Which students are most likely to excel in the most prestigious programs? This standardized exam is a yardstick that gauges your aptitude for good grades in the classroom. As you refine your top choices for graduate-level programs, your top score increases the likelihood that you'll gain admission. Increase the odds of your acceptance by becoming a highly competitive candidate for enrollment. With our test prep services for the GRE in Dallas, you'll have a unique edge over other test-takers and applicants.

Whatever your field or future industry, grad-level study will ultimately make you a more attractive job candidate. Become a subject expert in your field, and you'll be the first-choice for hiring managers looking for the company's future managers and leaders. As you embark upon the next step of your academic journey, a private tutor can help you study strategically so you can submit your very best score.

Texas is home to Fortune 500 companies that are highly regarded not only for their financials but also their prominence as great places to work. Secure your spot to enjoy a stable, competitive salary at companies like AT&T, Whole Foods Market, Texas Instruments, Commercial Metals, Dr. Pepper Snapple, MRC Global, and CC Media Holdings.

By holding your MA or MS in your industry, you will be more likely to get invited to work for these Fortune 500 companies or a smaller boutique company with limited job openings. You can take your education to the next level with the help of our premier private tutoring services. Then you can apply your advanced skill set by continuing your higher education and becoming more qualified in your field. Whether you want to stay in Dallas or travel beyond the borders of Texas, you can increase your options and open doors in every direction.

Since Texas houses so many prestigious higher education facilities, a GRE private tutor can give you what you'll need to go the distance. Diagnose your areas of difficulty by taking practice tests. As you become more familiar with the structure and strategies of the exam, you'll master the tactics and techniques to test well. Let us help you get into top graduate school programs in Dallas, based on which facility best fits with your academic concentration.

Attend top-ranked University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center for the impeccable Biology program. Get into the highly competitive Economics program at Southern Methodist University. Get into the very best Engineering programs at Austin's University of Texas, Houston's Rice University or Texas A&M University in College Station. Whether you want to be a veterinarian, nurse, politician, mathematics professor or an artist, your private tutor will help you attain the advanced education to land your ultimate dream job.

GRE Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

GRE Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

GRE Prep Course Dallas - Photo of Student Sophia

I wanted to thank you for helping me with the GRE prep and let you know that your teaching tactics worked! I took the exam yesterday and got an 800 on the math, 570 on the verbal and who knows about the writing but hopefully it's not below a 4! The verbal is tricky with those silly words but I am happy with my score and ready to walk away from this ETS madness. Thanks again and all the best!
- Sophia (This student took a GRE class)


Primary Course Venue:

Manhattan Review GMAT GRE LSAT Prep
Dallas Teaching Center at the Sheraton
400 North Olive Street
Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 254-3620

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Dallas GRE Tutor: Mitchell P.

Mitchell graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Computer Engineering Interested in the science of how things work, Mitchell could break down equations and turn dense java scripts into clearly defined terms. This skill came in handy, as he would tutor his peers each semester for a little extra cash in pocket. With his solid performance at the undergraduate level, Mitchell was determined to continue his studies.

He continued studying at the prominent Engineering program at University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson. After acquiring his Master's, he secured a position with Noble Energy in Texas. He still plans to attain his PhD, but for now, the company has offered him tremendous opportunities for growth and advancement.

Mitchell had excelled with his exam results on not only the GRE but also the SAT and GMAT. He has a natural penchant for right-brained and left-brained thinking, rendering his arithmetic skills well balanced with his impressive vocabulary. Mitchell has translated his past experience and qualifications seamlessly as a Manhattan Review private tutor in the Dallas metro region. With his background of peer support, he is especially equipped to help students improve their scores.

When Mitchell isn't working on improving the intra-web security and code of his company's computer system or coaching grad students, he's at his daughter's ballet recitals, strumming his bass guitar, or jogging with his Collie mix companion Flower (who his daughter named!).

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