Free ACT Prep – Overview

We all know that preparing for the ACT takes committment, patience, and practice, practice, practice. How else will you attain that top score and get into the school of your dreams? This is very possible with the hard work and effort you're putting into your studies. After all, meeting the challenges of two hours and 55 minutes of a challenging exam such as the ACT is accomplished throughout a rigorous course of study. Thankfully, supplemental practice plays into this, an element of test preparation Manhattan Review knows all too well from countless years of working with students so they can meet their goals. assured you can do it and your goals are very much within reach.

We are pleased to provide an array of free ACT services in our ongoing mission to support students in their academic aspirations and goals. If you're going to master reading comprehension questions it will take some repeated exposure and practice exercises. Fortunately, our free services to all prospective students are readily available to help you throughout your hard work.

Free ACT Practice Questions

Our free ACT practice questions offer students vital insight into the specifics of each ACT question type. Since each section and subsequent questions are all different, isn't it important to have variety and diversity in free practice? We believe so, which is why our practice questions are realistic and sure to be similar to what you will encounter on test day. You deserve a high ACT score, so why not work with practice questions that cultivate your skills and finesse your test-taking tactics?

Our free of charge GMAT practice questions facilitate a deeper comprehension of what each ACT question asks, as well as in-depth descriptions for both correct answers and incorrect answer choices. Since there can be more than one way to determine a right answer, we offer an array of routes of how to get there. Our free practice questions are here to show you the ACT progress you deserve.

Whether questions centered around grammar usage and punctuation on the English section, coordinate geomoery and trigonometry on the Math section or Science-related topics such as interpretation, analysis, and problem solving—these free exercises give you a better understanding of how to apply effective ACT exam day strategies. These sample questions are intended to build student confidence, but also a warning to proceed with caution to avoid wrong answer traps!

Manhattan Review's ACT practice questions are offered completely free to all prospective students in an effort to help test-takers better understand their skillset while finding areas of improvement. Practice questions like the ones we offer help you structure your course of study and give you an enhanced understanding of what you will encounter on exam day. Our practice questions are labeled by level of difficulty to give advanced ACT students the practice they need and deserve. What are you waiting for? Get started on our free practice questions to help you get closer and closer to the school of your dreams!

Whether it's Science, English, Reading, or Math, an evolved comprehension of the ACT can only come through repeated quality practice. You have the determination and drive, all you need is the top tier practice material. Well, our free practice questions are a valuable start. Please click here to get started with your ACT practice questions today!

New Innovative Visual Tool: Your Answers Versus Those of Other Test Takers

What can be more exciting that combining test-taker data and statistics with valuable and accurate ACT practice? You want the best score you can possibly get to gain admittance to the school of your dreams, so why not practice with the most up-to-date ACT technology? At Manhattan Review, we believe in taking ACT prep one step further beyond the standard right/wrong traditional practice module and enhance your studies with data from other test-takers so you can better understand the question—and the test!

As you will see in the screenshot below, this ACT question has four answer choices: A, B, C, D—not that different from a typical practice question, right? "You" chose answer A, as it's outlined in bold, and unfortunately, A is incorrect because it's colored red. The percentage next to it reveals 12% of other test-takers also chose that answer, too. C and D are incorrect, as well, with the former at 8% and the latter at 20%. B is the correct answer, as it's in green, and it's also the answer that most students chose with the statistic is 60%. We are convinced this feature will reveal vast amounts about your own ACT preparation capabilities and help you meet and surpass your score goals!

Example Question (Screenshot):

Free ACT Practice Test

If you're studying for the ACT, more than likely you're wanting to know your projected score. Who wouldn't? Being aware of how you would scoer today if you took this exam gives you insight into the road ahead as it relates to you and your ACT prep. Through mock exams, we also get a feeling for that "test day experience", which brings about continued insight and understanding in how we perform and comprehend each question type and section.

Since you're hard at work and fine-tuning your reading comprehension strategies for the Reading section or finessing your coordinate geometry and intermediate algebra to succeed on ACT math, don't you think you deserve a mock exam that equips you with all you need to know? A diagnostic practice test like this one brings you one step closer to your ideal score by giving you a sample score on how well you would do today.

Mock exams are a tool that advanced test-takers like you incorporate into their course of study so they can check in semi-regularly with their score. As a consequence, areas of focus are shifted around it and confidence is built. What are you waiting for? Take our free ACT mock test today and see for yourself all of your hard-earned progress!