ACT Dossiers

ACT to New SAT Score Conversion


November 26, 2018 Are you questioning your ACT score equivalent from that of your SAT? What about the other way around? This is a common question amongst many students, especially since the vast majority wind up taking practice exams from both tests. While the math can be somewhat tricky in terms of conversion, this article details for you the overall process, giving you the information you need to proceed with an informed decision. By knowing how you line up with the SAT and ACT, you can decide which one to pursue.

What's a Good ACT Score?


November 3, 2018 Have you ever wondered what a good ACT score is? With so many factors playing into your ACT preparation process, your mind is probably filled with percentiles, school requirements, as well as application deadlines—amongst a sea of other important admissions-related concerns. Is it any wonder after months of studying students scratch their heads and wonder, "What score will impress them the most?" Aside from the obvious answer of "a perfect score", many other elements contribute to this common question. If you're curious to learn more, this article will provide you answers from an array of angles.

ACT Score Percentiles


October 27, 2018 Curious to know where you stand when it comes to your ACT score and ACT score percentiles? Whether you fall into the 25th percentile category or the 75th, understanding where you fit into the larger picture can help bring about a lot of insight into your possibilities of admission. Whether you're looking for percentiles data about a particular school or comparing yourself to the national average, this article is sure to answer some crucial questions about your ACT score.