ACT Preparation Overview

Nearly everyone agrees that thorough ACT preparation produces the best test score results, but test-takers can be daunted by the number of available options. From on-site or online prep courses and tutoring programs to practice tests, official guides, and prep books, there is a staggering amount of choice, and we don't blame students for being confused. This page is a great place to start the process of deciding which ACT study options and materials are right for you. Familiarize yourself with the available methods of ACT preparation by having a look at the following pages:

  • ACT Prep Online
    This page covers the main methods of preparing for the ACT online. Learn about the pros and cons of online ACT study and find out how you can become a more informed test-taker with a strong knowledge of issues such as score data, scholarship opportunities, and important websites. Let us help you decide if online ACT preparation is your best option.
  • ACT Free Practice Test
    Learn how to receive a free Manhattan Review ACT practice test by visiting this page. We also discuss a number of important issues in practice testing, such as the difference between official and unofficial assessments, how to most effectively use practice tests, why practice testing is important for ACT study, and why practice testing consistently improves performance.
  • ACT Official Guides
    See this page for a discussion of the Official ACT Prep Guide, an essential resource for rigorous ACT preparation. We summarize the contents of the Official Guide, discuss the volume's coverage of all ACT sections, offer an overview of the included official practice tests, and give advice on how to most effectively use this book as an important part of your ACT preparation program.
  • ACT Prep Books
    This page includes a summary of unofficial ACT prep books. We begin by noting the distinction between official and unofficial materials, and we then proceed to list and discuss the various types of unofficial prep books currently available as well as titles on ancillary issues in ACT preparation. We also include tips on how to use unofficial ACT prep books as part of an organized plan of ACT study.
  • ACT Free Downloads
    On this page, test-takers can learn about free ACT downloads. Available materials include ACT practice guides, practice tests, published research on the ACT, relevant forms for students, and previews of ACT books. Although these resources are by no means comprehensive, they can be helpful for any student wishing to prepare for the ACT in the most effective possible manner.