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Manhattan Review History

Manhattan Review was founded in New York City in 1999 by Joern Meissner, who was then a lecturer and doctoral student at Columbia Business School. Professor Meissner's lectures to MBA students at Columbia were characterized by an ability to simplify and reduce complex concepts to their essence. Several of these students wondered if this approach could be used to create better GMAT prep courses than the ineffective content memorization and test-taking "tricks" that were the basis of traditional GMAT offerings. Professor Meissner developed original GMAT lectures that became immediately popular with prospective business students, and an innovative test prep company was born.

Manhattan Review has become an international educational services firm that provides prep courses and private tutoring for the GMAT, Executive Assessment (EA), GRE, LSAT, SAT, and TOEFL in major North American, European, Asian, and Australian cities, with additional services that include admissions consulting, application advising, and practice tests. Prof. Meissner has continued with a distinguished academic career. He is a recognized authority in the areas of supply chain management, logistics, and pricing strategy. Prof. Meissner thoroughly enjoys his research, but he believes that grasping an idea is only half of the fun. Conveying knowledge to others is even more fulfilling. This philosophy was crucial to the establishment of Manhattan Review, and remains its most cherished principle.