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If you're looking for an enhancement of your advanced ACT skills, you will want to take full advantage of our practice questions online. Thankfully, our questions are labeled by ACT section, covering important territory in the Math, English, Reading, and Science sections. Whether you're looking to fine tune your sentence structure strategy, work through complicated coordinate geometry problems, skim dense reading passages in the reading comprehension portion, or hone your interpretation and analysis skills in the Science section—we've got you covered. Your hard work is already speaking volumes towards the accomplishment of your goals—why not practice with the very best questions that mimic the exam exactly?

Spanning 41 free practice questions in total, you would be hard-pressed to find such exemplary material to buff up your skills and enhance your test-taking progress. Whether it's challenging Algebra equations or hard Numbers problems, these free practice questions have you and your preparation process covered. What are you waiting for? This opportunity for free quality practice is right at your fingertips. Get going so you can get to raising your ACT score today!

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 Question ACT-E-1 15 Questions - Variable Level
 Question ACT-M-1 AlgebraMedium
 Question ACT-M-2 NumbersChallenging
 Question ACT-M-3 NumbersHard
 Question ACT-M-4 NumbersChallenging
 Question ACT-M-5 AlgebraMedium
 Question ACT-M-6 AlgebraChallenging
 Question ACT-M-7 AlgebraChallenging
 Question ACT-M-8 AlgebraMedium
 Question ACT-M-9 AlgebraChallenging
 Question ACT-M-10 AlgebraEasy
 Question ACT-R-1 10 Questions - Variable Level
 Question ACT-S-1 6 Questions - Variable Level

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