Overview of ACT Section Topics

The ACT is a standardized test that includes four required sections (English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science) and an optional fifth section (Writing). The ACT may be completed in 175 minutes (if the test-taker takes the required four sections only) or 215 minutes (if all five sections are taken). As an introduction to the sectional and subject-matter content of the ACT, please have a look at the following pages: 

  • ACT English
    This page is the place to learn about the ACT English assessment. Included are an outline of the ACT English test, a discussion of ACT English reading passages, an overview of ACT English question types, and a summary of the most important ACT English skills. Readers will also find information on ACT English scoring and score benchmarks as well as data on the ACT English test and university admission.
  • ACT Mathematics
    Consult this page for a comprehensive yet concise overview of the ACT Math test, which includes a section outline, a description of sectional content, and information on test exercises and essential skills. We also discuss ACT Math scores, score benchmarks, and common scores at selective universities in the United States, which have high test score expectations from their applicants.
  • ACT Reading
    The ACT Reading test is the subject of this page. Test-takers can learn everything they need to know about ACT Reading test passages, question types, vital skills, scoring, and score benchmarks. The ACT Reading test can have an impact on placement in college courses, and this topic is discussed as well. We also break down the Reading test questions into the various sectional reporting categories.
  • ACT Science
    Learn about the ACT Science test on this page. Find out which scientific disciplines are covered in the Science test's reading passages, what types of questions test-takers can expect to see, and how many questions fall into each reporting category. Important skills for the ACT Science test, ACT Science scoring and benchmark data, and the ACT Science test's role in university admissions are also covered.
  • ACT Writing
    The optional ACT Writing test is the focus of this page. Learn about the ACT Writing test essay prompt, essay task, essential skills, assessment criteria, scoring process, and score descriptions. The Writing test's contribution to the ACT English Language Arts (ELA) score and benchmarks and ACT Writing scores at the top universities in the United States are among the other subjects discussed.
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