Overview of ACT Scoring Topics

The ACT is a standardized assessment for which students receive a wide variety of scores. There are also a number of other issues surrounding ACT scoring, and it is advisable for test-takers to be informed on these issues. ACT scoring procedures, policies, and practices can be extremely complex, but it is possible to gain an understanding of the most important points in a short amount of time. As an introduction to the most relevant topics in ACT scoring, please have a look at the following pages:

  • ACT Scoring System
    Read this page to gain a broader overall understanding of ACT scoring. We break down the ACT scoring system into its constituent parts, including total scores, section scores, reporting category scores, percentile rankings, benchmarks, and more. Test-takers can also learn about scoring data at the national level, state level, and within certain groups of students.
  • ACT Score Confidentiality
    This page features an overview of ACT policies and student rights with respect to the confidentiality of their test scores. We discuss the relevant state and federal laws, ACT confidentiality practices for vendors and other agents, and how confidentiality impacts the procedures for the sending of ACT scores. Test-takers are entitled to privacy of test scores, within certain reasonable limits.
  • Retaking the ACT
    If you're thinking about retaking the ACT, you'll want to read this page. Find out how common ACT retakes are, learn how frequently students receive higher scores, and decide whether or not it's a good idea for you to take the test again. We also review official ACT policies that are relevant to the issue of retaking the ACT and cover a case study in the effects of ACT retakes on second-attempt scores.
  • Limits on ACT Retakes
    See this page for a discussion of official limits on ACT retakes. ACT has rules in place that stipulate how many times an individual student may take the ACT, how long he or she must wait in between test attempts, and the penalties for violations of these policies. We also discuss the reasons for these rules, the validity period for ACT scores, and the costs associated with taking the exam again.
  • Cancelling ACT Scores
    On this page, students can learn about ACT's policies on score deletion and score report cancellation. There are a number of other relevant topics covered, such as the distinction between voluntary and involuntary score cancellation, policies for cancellation of test registration or test administrations, procedures for the investigation of testing issues, and the penalties for violating testing policies.