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LSAT Tutoring – the fully customizable prep option

Students seeking a completely personalized approach to their LSAT preparation should look to Manhattan Review for the best private tutoring options available. Manhattan Review's LSAT private tutoring can be utilized either by itself as a primary option, or in combination with our comprehensive LSAT group courses. Students are offered a choice of tutors to see which background fits their individual needs and learning style. A complementary discussion with the tutor can be arranged to ensure each student is matched with their ideal instructor. Our tutors work closely with students to set realistic, yet ambitious, goals. They then develop an optimal strategy to help the student reach those goals, which is based on figuring out where each student's strengths and weaknesses lie. Every instructional session is focused on extracting the maximum potential from both the student and instructor in the most time-efficient manner possible. With both key test-taking techniques and fundamental building blocks being covered throughout the program, students can be confident that they are well-equipped to achieve the impressively high scores required for competitive law programs. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced LSAT tutors work closely with their students to create and carry out individualized lesson plans based specifically on the student's learning style, instructional needs, and prep goals. The tutoring sessions can be held in-person or online depending on student preference and availability. If a student opts for in-person sessions, they are able to meet with their tutor at any mutually convenient location allowing for a comfortable commute for both parties. Students who choose online tutoring have the advantage of participating in their sessions from the comfort of their own home or any location with a stable internet connection, and they also have the benefit of no time lost traveling to and from a tutoring location.

Tutoring with or without a group course – it's your choice!

While a group LSAT prep course effortlessly assists students in structuring their study time by covering a new topic each week, supplementing this course with private tutoring sessions can lead to optimal test preparation. The flexible scheduling and personalized lesson planning offered by our private tutoring packages can help students significantly improve on any weak areas, ultimately leading to a higher score and a more well-rounded performance on the day of the exam.

No matter where you are with regards to your LSAT preparation, Manhattan Review has a tutoring package that will suit you perfectly. Our instructors devote the initial session with a student to understanding individual learning-related strengths and weaknesses, which they then use to create a customized lesson plan based upon the student's needs, goals, and expectations. The lesson plan is highly flexible and is always updated and tweaked depending on how the student is responding to the content and material. Manhattan Review's LSAT private tutoring option is quickly becoming the preferred method of preparation for the majority of students due to the commitment our tutors show to each student. We recommend that students enroll in a tutoring package as early as possible, as this secures their desired spot in the tutor's schedule and allows the tutor to begin the process of creating a personalized curriculum.

The LSAT Tutoring Process is highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded LSAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please just simply fill out the LSAT Prep Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation completely free, so get your prep started today!

Here are some of the highlights of working with Manhattan Review LSAT Tutors:

Highly Selective Pool of LSAT Instructors

LSAT Tutoring

Manhattan Review is best-known for its very selective hiring process of instructors and tutors. We not only expect great test scores from our instructors…we also expect them to possess a passion for helping their students improve and progress. Manhattan Review is a boutique test prep company, which means we have the ability to dedicate more resources to our hiring process than most firms. Because of this, we are able to execute a true 360-degree evaluation of potential tutors, ultimately hiring only those with both superb test-taking and teaching skills. Working with a tutor who has both extensive experience teaching standardized tests and who obtained their own superior LSAT score gives students the best chance of utilizing their preparation time in the most effective way possible. 

We have learned a great deal from our extensive experience in the test prep industry. Specifically, we understand that taking an exam and teaching others how to take it are two separate skills. While we expect high test scores from our potential instructors, high scores alone are no guarantee of being hired. We will always prefer a candidate who scored a few points below perfection but is a successful and passionate teacher to a candidate with a perfect LSAT score who is unable to convey the necessary information to help students achieve their own impressive score. Our instructors are skilled at tailoring the information they teach to each student's learning style, and the quality of our instructors is simply another reason Manhattan Review stands out from other test prep companies. 

To truly understand what makes Manhattan Review so unique, it helps to consider the origins of the firm. Manhattan Review was conceived and started at an Ivy League business school, specifically, Columbia University Business School in New York City. Manhattan Review's Founder was not only pedagogically trained but went on to become a leading academic, eventually accepting a position as a professor at a prestigious business school in Europe. The experience the founder gained by being an active member of collegiate hiring committees, as well as evaluating the teaching potential of countless applicants, cannot be overstated or acquired through other contexts. That is why Manhattan Review's tutoring options are widely considered the best choice for serious LSAT students.

Given the highly selective hiring process conducted by Manhattan Review, our instructors are more than capable of teaching all aspects of effective test preparation. This includes administering diagnostic tests, planning the most useful lessons, and guiding students through applicable test content. We strive to make sure each student receives the attention and expertise they deserve when preparing for such an important exam.

The proven Manhattan Review Process makes the difference

Once a student has expressed interest in one or more of our services, a two-stage process follows. First, all prospective students speak with an academic advisor. During this conversation, the student provides some background information on their situation, test-taking timeline, and study goals. Our academic advisors are trained to identify the optimal course or program for each individual student. After this, an introductory session is set up so the student has the opportunity to get to know their potential tutor. Most often, this is a perfect match, thanks to the experience of our academic advisors. If, however, the student feels the need to speak to an alternative tutor, this can also be arranged. We work hard to make sure that each and every student is satisfied with the teaching style and background of their future tutor.

It is important to note that these introductory sessions are completely free of charge! We offer our introductory sessions at no charge because we believe it is Manhattan Review's duty to demonstrate the value we can create for you before asking you to pay for anything.

LSAT Tutoring Sessions: Flexibility and Customization

Our private tutoring programs are designed to be customized to each individual student. With our tutors having unsurpassed experience assessing student needs and creating personalized lesson plans, students can be confident they are enrolling in a program that places them and their improvement as the highest priorities. Tutors at Manhattan Review use a combination of diagnostic tests, practice questions, and in-depth discussions to learn about the student's academic background and test-related goals. Equipped with this important information, tutors can then accurately design a curriculum that promotes efficiency of learning while making the most of the available time leading up to the student's exam. This customized lesson plan also determines the sequence of content that will be covered during the tutoring sessions, which prioritizes various aspects of the process depending on the individual student.

The flexible scheduling that comes with private tutoring is perfect for LSAT students who have very little free time in their schedules. Working with a tutor helps you be accountable and provides additional motivation to complete agreed-upon assignments, which is imperative to the preparation process. Manhattan Review continues to evaluate and update the curriculum, teaching methods, and preparation process used for our private tutoring students. Our commitment to our students is what keeps us at the forefront of the test preparation industry, a position we have proudly held since our founding in 1999.

LSAT Tutors are available in-person and online

Manhattan Review offers different types of tutoring options, including in-person in many cities, as well as online around the world. While most students used to express a preference for in-person sessions, over the years there has been a growing trend towards the online option. This is likely due to a few reasons. For starters, current learning technology makes an online learning experience nearly indistinguishable from an in-person instructional session. The online platform used for tutoring and group courses has a whiteboard, which both you and your instructor can write on in the same fashion you would mark up a normal sheet of paper on a desk in front of you. The video aspect of online learning allows you and your tutor to see each other in real time. This creates a very personal experience, quite similar to the one you would enjoy while completing in-person tutoring sessions. But there is one other reason why online tutoring continues to become more and more popular. 

With in-person tutoring, you are naturally limited to working with the tutors who are located in your proximity, which will vary depending on the demand for tutoring where you live. With Manhattan Review's online preparation option, you have access to a nearly infinite number of highly experienced tutors that could be located anywhere in the world, giving you the chance to work with a passionate educator who perfectly fits your study needs and learning style. At Manhattan Review, we maintain a pool of highly qualified tutors who are ready and willing to help students all around the world prepare for the LSAT. Of course, even with the growing trend towards online learning, we understand that this option is not for everyone. Whatever your preferred method of preparing for the LSAT, Manhattan Review has you covered, and we will happily match you with just the right online or in-person tutor for all your learning needs.

The LSAT Tutoring Process is highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded LSAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please just simply fill out the LSAT Prep Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation completely free, so get your prep started today!

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