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Practice Tests and LSAT Prep

Practice testing is essential to effective LSAT prep, and success on the exam is all but impossible without it. The definition of practice testing can range from small sets of individual questions to full-length exams and everything in between, but the common thread is the approximation or duplication of actual testing conditions. Practice testing helps students assess their initial skill levels and track improvements at every point in the preparation process. Practice testing highlights the specific test content areas that need the most work. Practice testing builds testing abilities and testing endurance, both of which are indispensable for optimal testing performance. It is important to acquire current materials for practice testing, and we therefore strongly advise LSAT students not to use any practice tests published before 2007 at the absolute earliest (this is when LSAC introduced comparative reading exercises to the exam; there have been no other significant content changes since).

Official LSAT Practice Tests

Any LSAT practice test published by LSAC can be considered official. These official practice tests are available online, in eBook format, and in hard copy. The LSAC website has two official practice tests (one in English and one in Spanish) in the "LSAT Test Prep" section of its website (click on "Sample Tests"). Each test may be viewed fully online or downloaded as a PDF and printed out (either way, there is no charge). The Official LSAT Superprep II (Newtown, PA: Law School Admission Council, 2015), LSAC’s official guide to the exam, includes three full-length LSAT practice tests, all with answer keys and answer explanations (the cost is about $30). Also available are LSAC single-test volumes of recently administered LSATs (2010-18; roughly $10 each) and two volumes of 10 tests each (actual LSATs administered since 2007; approximately $20 per volume). Although some of these items are sold in hard copy only, most may be purchased either in traditional or eBook format.

Unofficial LSAT Practice Tests

Any LSAT practice test not published by LSAC is unofficial. Although these materials can vary widely in quality, unofficial practice tests are not necessarily useless or harmful. Test prep expertise is the key to creating high-quality unofficial assessments, and consumers should ask themselves whether or not the test source is in possession of this expertise. Organizations whose primary mission is test preparation generally write reliable exams, while publishers with many other interests often do not. Unofficial practice tests can fill any need left by the limited number of published official exams, but only if those unofficial tests come from appropriate sources.

How to Use Practice Testing to Improve LSAT Performance

A full-length practice test is advisable at the outset of the preparation process to establish baselines for each exam section. After this initial assessment, smaller sets of practice exercises, given under more generous time constraints than the actual exam, are extremely helpful for skill development in daily study. Each week of the preparation period should conclude with a full-length practice test to track progress under realistic conditions. This will help teachers and students use instruction and study time more efficiently, devoting the most effort toward the skills most in need of improvement. With optimal use of practice testing and focused study, scores typically trend upward in a steady and consistent fashion.

Reasons for the Necessity of Practice Testing

Researchers who study the psychology of learning widely agree that practice testing is helpful to testing performance. Common sense also dictates that virtually any skill is enhanced by practice. Students must remember that taking the LSAT involves a number of competencies that have little to do with test content, such as managing time limits and being able to produce while under stress. These testing skills have as much impact on the outcome as the ability to solve logic games exercises or write coherent essays, and they should therefore receive substantial attention.

Manhattan Review Free LSAT Practice Test and Other Free Practice Materials

You can get a free LSAT practice test from Manhattan Review on the LSAT section of our website, click here. Simply fill out the form (name, country, and email address) and then check your email for the access code. We also offer a set of free LSAT practice questions of varying levels of difficulty. These exercises, which cover all three multiple-choice sections of the exam, can be completed fully online.

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