Information on what happens on your LSAT Test Day

Arriving Prepared on Test Day

Test takers must bring their admission tickets and appropriate identification to the test center on test day. Some will have received their admission ticket in the mail; others who received their admission ticket through email must print out the ticket and bring it to the test center. Test takers should refer to their admission tickets for the exact test date, time and location. The admission ticket is five pages long. Be sure to read it carefully and bring the appropriate page to the test center.

The admission ticket must be signed at the test center. Online registrants who have misplaced their tickets can reprint them. Anyone who asked to have the admission ticket sent by mail and did not receive it should contact LSAC before the late registration date listed. It is a good idea for test takers to check their accounts the night before the test to make sure there aren't any last minute changes to the test time or location.

Test takers must attach to their admission tickets a recent passport-sized photo, no larger than 2X2 inches or 5X5 centimeters. The picture must show the test taker's face and shoulders and must resemble how the test taker will look on test day. LSAC will retain this photo.

For identification, test taker must bring a valid government issued ID that is current or has expired in the last 90 days. The ID must have a current, recognizeable picture, and the name on the ID must match the name on the admission ticket exactly. This is usually a driver's license or a passport, but check the Web site for a list of acceptable forms of ID if there are any questions. Those who do not present an admission ticket, photo and photo ID on test day will be denied entrance and their test registration will be forfeited.

Be sure to bring several sharpened number two pencils for use on the test.

Items Allowed at the Test Center

Test takers may have on their desks pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, highlighters and an analog (non-digital) wrist watch. In addition, test takers may bring a gallon sized clear plastic ziplock bag that can be stored under their chair and accessed during breaks. The bag can contain a wallet, keys, tissues, a snack and juice in a plastic container or juice box.

No aluminum cans are allowed in the test center. No cell phone or electronic devices are allowed either. LSAC has a strict zero-tolerance policy when it comes to electronic devices. Check the site for a list of all the things that are prohibited.

Test Center Rules and Regulations

LSAC has a fairly long list of test center rules and regulations. Among them, test takers must sign a certifying statement on their test sheet, certifying their identity and that they are taking the test for the purpose of applying to law school.

Latecomers will not be allowed into the testing center. Restrooms may be used before check in and then not until the start of the first section. Anyone who leaves the center for a bathroom break will not be allowed to make up time.

Test supervisors will announce when to start and stop each section and will circulate around the room during the testing. They will keep official time and announce when there are only five minutes left.

Test answers must be scored on the answer sheet with a number two or HB pencil. Scratch paper will only be allowed in the test center, but test takers can take notes in the examination book with a pencil or highlighter. (Pens are prohibited.)

For a complete list of testing regulations or violations that could result in dismissal from the test center, see the Web site.

Cancelling Scores on Test Day

Test takers may cancel their test scores on test day by filling out the test cancelation instructions on their answer sheet. As answer sheet cancellation requests are processed with test scores, it will probably be approximately two weeks before confirmation of the cancellation is issued. Scores may also be cancelled wthin six days after the test by faxing or overnighting a letter to LSAC. The letter must include the test taker's name, account number, the date, location and code number of the test center and a signature. It must also clearly state the desire to cancel test scores.