Manhattan Review's LSAT Online Prep Options

LSAT Prep Online

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, where ambitions drive us and time constraints often hold us back, Manhattan Review presents an efficient, flexible solution to conquering one of the most pivotal challenges on your path to securing a place in a top law school program—the LSAT. Our comprehensive online prep courses are meticulously designed for prospective law school students like you, who aim not just to pass the LSAT but to excel.

Manhattan Review's online LSAT courses offer the exact same instruction, homework, practice tests, and resources as our in-person classroom-based courses. At Manhattan Review, we don't believe that an online course should be any less complete than a course taken in a physical classroom. While some people appreciate the classroom setting, the online course is ideal for people who do not live close to any of our 90 classroom locations or who prefer the flexibility of taking a course with their desired instructor from a remote location.

Experienced Instructors

The skillset of an instructor can turn a good preparation course into an incredible one. That's why at Manhattan Review, we pride ourselves on having a roster of instructors who are not just remarkably gifted teachers but also have achieved impressive scores on the LSAT themselves. These experienced mentors bring with them a wealth of practical knowledge, teaching strategies that resonate with real-life testing scenarios, and an authentic commitment to seeing their students succeed.

Online Course or Online Private Tutor – it's your choice

When it comes to online learning, Manhattan Review has you covered. Whether you prefer to participate in a virtual prep course with other learners or desire the customization and flexibility of online private tutoring, we are here to help you take your LSAT prep to the next level. 

Many students enjoy participating in virtual prep courses, finding them a motivating and inspiring way to retain new information. Over the years, we have developed a curriculum that is both effective and efficient, and we cover every aspect of the LSAT through a blend of live instruction, recorded lectures, and extensive review materials. The online GMAT prep courses offered by Manhattan Review are taught in real-time (meaning they are live). They include an instant messaging feature that allows students to interact directly with their instructor and other classmates. Students can also use an online interactive whiteboard feature to collaboratively complete class problems with their instructor or their peers. With the help of an online polling tool, students can submit answers that can be tracked by the instructor in real time. We work tirelessly to ensure that students who take classes online enjoy as interactive of an experience as possible, simply without the burden of a commute.

It is also worth noting that our LSAT instructors teach the exact same course online that they teach in-person. There is no difference in the length or content of the lectures. Just like with courses taught in physical locations, online lectures are available on demand immediately after being presented, allowing students to review the material whenever they like. Students who participate in online learning receive the exact same sample problems and practice tests as they would if they attended an in-person prep course. 

Other students know that they do not master complex academic information easily in a group setting. They worry about slowing the group down. Alternatively, they become bored or frustrated when they have mastered a concept but cannot move on until everyone can demonstrate similar mastery. For those students who want to learn at their own pace, without the distractions sometimes posed by group learning, we are proud to offer customizable LSAT tutoring programs. There is no difference in the information you will cover through meeting with a tutor virtually than in-person. You will receive the same unparalleled support, the same materials and practice exams, and the same access to your tutor, that you would if you met at an in-person learning location.

Our LSAT Online Prep Technology

Many students initially express concern about the technology involved in online learning. They worry they might not be able to install the required programs to participate in an online class session or that these programs are not dependable enough for something as important as LSAT prep. While this might have been a valid concern years ago, technology has become so easy to install and stable that this is not a point of relevance or concern anymore. We regularly use Zoom at Manhattan Review, which is a popular online teaching platform many participants are already familiar with from work-related team meetings or academic studies. So, while there were legitimate concerns about online learning technology years ago, this is no longer an issue since systems become increasingly stable and easier to use every year.

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