Free LSAT Prep – Overview

Preparing for the LSAT is a commitment of time, energy, and true focus. If you don't have the best materials, how else will you get that top score and gain admission to the law school of your dreams? Your large ambitions are on the horizon and within your reach, but naturally you need the best materials with which to practice. Meeting your LSAT-related goals is no easy feat, and no one understands that better than Manhattan Review.

As an academic services company who has offered LSAT prep since its early beginning in 1999, Manhattan Review is pleased to offer a wide variety of free LSAT prep options in our continued mission to support, nuture, and aid MBA-bound future business leaders. If you want to perform your best, you have to turn to the best, right? Thankfully, there we provide an array of free materials to help you succeed.

Free LSAT Practice Questions

If you're looking to hone your LSAT skills, you clearly need advanced LSAT practice questions. Our free practice questions offer a spectrum of nuance to each LSAT question type. How else will you enhance your high score and advanced knowledge of key strategies and test-taking tactics? Our free practice questions are highly realistic and bound to be what you encounter on test day. If you're aiming high, you are gunning for above the national average of 150, which is where this free practice comes into play.

You will face 101 questions on the actual LSAT exam, so taking the time to finesse your understanding of Reading Comprehsion, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning will take you above and beyond typical test-related expectations. Not only do our explanations of questions break down reasons for why a particular question is correct, but we also delve into the faulty reasoning of the incorrect ones. Often times, too, there is more than one way to arrive at a conclusion, so we expand upon those different routes in an attempt to give you variety in your strategic process. Our free practice questions are here to show you the LSAT understanding and progress you deserve.

Whether question types such as Identifying the Conclusion or Point of Agreement, these free exercises give you a better understanding of how to apply LSAT strategies in a truly effective manner. These sample questions are intended to build your LSAT confidence, but also an encouragement to proceed with caution in avoiding wrong answer traps.

An advanced test-taker like you knows all too well that progress on the LSAT can only come out through repetitive practice. Through offering these free practice questions, that's just what we intend to provide. After all, you have the drive and determination, all you need is the high quality practice material. Our free practice questions are a great start.

New Innovative Visual Tool: Your Answers Versus Those of Other Test Takers

If you're looking to take your LSAT preparation beyond just the standard right/wrong practice question dichotomy, look no further—Manhattan Review has got you covered. Take a look at the graphic below and you'll see for yourself how we meld together test-taker data with valuable and accurate LSAT practice. The screenshot question reveals the correct answer is B with 40% of all users selecting it; answer D gave everyone else a run for their money, as 35% chose it incorrectly, followed by answer E at 15% and A and B in a tie at 5%. The answer choice in outlined in bold reveals how "you" answered, and unfortunately on this one, "you" chose A—which only leaves more room for improvement next time! With this important new feature, not only will you see for yourself your improvement, but also size up your competition against other students, too!

We believe combining user data along with accurate LSAT practice questions to pave the way for vital insight not just in terms of your own strategical process, but also through the lens of others. With colleges publishing percentiles freely online, knowing how other students arrive at their own conclusions is an important factor when applying to top tier law schools. In the end, we believe this feature takes you one step further towards your intended score and into the college of your dreams.

Example Question (Screenshot):

Free LSAT Practice Test

Diagnostic LSAT exams are vital in tracking and evaluating your hard-earned progress. How else can you conclude what score you need to reach unless you understand where your score currently lies? Our free mock test will provide challenging and realistic LSAT questions while also providing that very necessary "test day experience". These exams shed light on your own strategic process that ultimately paves a way forward to attain your deserved top score. Your LSAT stamina is also well served from our readily available mock exam. It's a muscle that we help you cultivate and build so you can see real results.

With our free GMAT practice exam you have the chance to increase your test day endurance while simultaneously experiencing what to expect. No one wants curve balls or surprises when they're focused on answering questions correctly. Our free mock LSAT exam gives you the confidence of walking into the testing room knowing well you can meet your ideal score.