Free LSAT Downloads

Free Downloads of Official LSAT Prep Materials

The "LSAT Test Prep" section of the LSAC website publishes a number of official LSAT preparation materials, some of which are offered free of charge. There are two practice tests (one each in English and Spanish) that are available for download and printing as PDFs (students may also view and take these tests online without downloading them). Other free materials include official practice questions, instructional videos, and advice on how to prepare for the digital version of the LSAT (as of September 2019, the LSAT is digital-only in North America).

Other Official LSAT Free Downloads

Test-takers are advised to download the following official LSAC documents related to LSAT rules, procedures, and testing (all of which are available as free PDFs from Candidate Information Sheet (this covers test day and test center policies); Cautionary Policies Concerning LSAT Scores and Related Services; LSAC Rules Governing Misconduct and Irregularities in the Admission Process; and Digital LSAT Screen Layouts (this helps students become familiar with the appearance of the digital LSAT).

Downloads of LSAT Forms

Students requesting fee waivers for the LSAT and/or Credential Assembly Service (CAS) must download the appropriate forms from the LSAC website. Note that there are separate forms for applicants to law schools in the United States, Canada, and Australia. The LSAC website is also where disabled test-takers requesting accommodations will find PDF downloads of the required forms (the Candidate Form, the Evidence of Disability Form, and the Statement of Need for Accommodation Form). Other PDFs that may be necessary include the Test Date Change Form, the Refund Request Form, and the Biographical Information Changes Form.

LSAC Data Library

LSAC grants the general public access to its research through the "Data Library" and "Research Library" sections of its website. The LSAC Data Library features about 20 documents and podcasts. Documents may be either viewed online or downloaded into printer-friendly PDF versions, and PDF transcripts of podcasts are available. Examples of LSAT-relevant publications featured in the Data Library include current testing year volumes, volume summaries, and LSAT trends. Current testing year volumes show the total number of test-takers for the two most recent testing years, with a separate listing for first-time test-takers. Volume summaries are published annually; they list the LSAT scores for tests administered in the United States and Canada in categories such as scores by country (statistics for other countries are not included) and the percentage of test-takers in each 10-point score range. The LSAT trends document shows the total number of LSATs administered by year (the data currently go back to 1987).

LSAC Research Library

The LSAC Research Library houses approximately 80 publications, divided into the following categories: LSAT Technical Reports, Psychometric Research Reports, and Social Science Research Reports. Items in LSAC's Research Library are not fully published online, but there are executive summaries available for online viewing. Additionally, members of the general public may email LSAC to request copies of full reports. Among the topics covered by publications in LSAC's Research Library are LSAT validity (correlations between LSAT scores and various measures of law school success); test security and test fairness; LSAT scores by race, ethnicity, and gender; and test development. Some of these publications are suitable for consumption by general readerships, while others are highly technical and intended for experts in the field.

Manhattan Review Free LSAT Downloads

The LSAT section of the Manhattan Review website offers free LSAT practice materials (click here). Included are an overview of our free practice materials, sets of practice questions from each section of the LSAT, and an LSAT practice test. The Free Practice section of our website offers students the opportunity to get started on their LSAT preparation whenever they wish. New LSAT students can try out LSAT exercises, familiarize themselves with the exam, assess their current LSAT abilities, and review their options for further LSAT study, which may be taken in a variety of formats.

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