Books for LSAT Preparation

Official and Unofficial LSAT Prep Books

Official books on the LSAT are written and published exclusively by LSAC, the organization that administers the test. LSAT volumes written and published by anyone else are therefore unofficial by definition. The rest of this page is devoted entirely to a discussion of unofficial publications on LSAT prep and related issues. For detailed information on the various official LSAT prep books, click here.

How to Find Unofficial LSAT Prep Books

Unofficial LSAT prep books are easily available at online and traditional bookstores. The cost can vary substantially from store to store, and students are therefore advised to shop around, consider used books (provided that the editions have been published since the LSAT was last revised in 2007), and make their choices wisely (more about this below).

How to Choose the Best Unofficial LSAT Prep Books

Although official LSAT prep materials speak directly for the LSAC organization and should therefore be considered authoritative, test-takers can benefit a great deal from unofficial titles, as long as they are written by reputable sources with substantial amounts of test prep knowledge. These books often provide unique and effective approaches to LSAT preparation and information not included in official publications. Students should choose only books written by experienced test prep professionals and avoid those created by staff writers at major publishing houses (the latter type is, unfortunately, all too common on the market but is often relatively easy for consumers to spot).

Unofficial LSAT Books Covering the Entire Test

Many official LSAT prep books are intended to help students prepare for the entire test with a single volume. These volumes generally cover all three multiple-choice sections of the LSAT plus the Writing section, and they typically include unofficial practice tests. A number of test prep companies have released books of this type, and they usually feature LSAT study strategies that are distinct from the preparation advice included in official LSAC publications. Again, students are advised not to use titles released by major publishing houses because these books are likely to have been created by in-house staff writers with little to no knowledge of the LSAT or LSAT preparation.

Unofficial LSAT Books on Individual Test Sections or Skills

Another approach to unofficial LSAT book publication is to divide test sections and/or test skills into individual volumes. This approach offers more detail on these sections and skills than is possible with a single book. Examples include multi-volume series on each LSAT section, titles devoted exclusively to practice exercises, vocabulary and writing guides, and books with multiple full-length unofficial practice tests. As with the single-volume LSAT prep books, there are high-quality and low-quality titles available, and the primary distinction lies in the credentials and credibility of the author or authors.

Manhattan Review's Turbocharge Your LSAT series

Manhattan Review has published the Turbocharge Your LSAT series of LSAT preparation books. Written by Manhattan Review founder Dr. Joern Meissner, a career test prep professional, scholar, and postsecondary educator with 25 years of experience, the series consists of three volumes: LSAT Logical Reasoning Guide, LSAT Logic Games Guide, and LSAT Reading Comprehension Guide. The individual volumes offer detailed breakdowns of their respective test sections with ample practice exercises. The Turbocharge Your LSAT series has helped thousands of students all over the world optimize their LSAT scores and gain admission to the most highly ranked law schools in the United States.

Unofficial Books on Other Topics of Relevance to LSAT Prep and Law School Admission

Test-takers may also benefit from books on topics related to the LSAT and the law school admission process. Some examples of these types of products are narrative accounts of personal experiences while applying to law school, guides to all components of law school applications, publications presenting independent LSAT research, and books devoted to law school admission essays.

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