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Who doesn't love free LSAT practice questions? In particular, the ones we offer completely free of charge are some of the most efficient and helpful available online today and they come with detailed solutions. For example, how else can you fine tune your Logical Reasoning skills without thorough explanations for correct answers? We take it a step further; not only do we provide correct answer breakdowns, but also thorough explanations as to why an answer is incorrect. As advanced test-takers like you realize all too well, there's often more than one way to arrive at a conclusion on this exam, which is why we also offer explanations of various routes of getting there.

Frankly, you won't find a more thorough set of practice questions and explanations than the ones we offer, whether it's through fine-tuning your Analytical Reasoning ability by understanding the structure of relationships and drawing subsequent conclusions or reading long form complex Reading Comprehension passages like the ones you'll encounter in law school. When you want to do the best, you have to go to the best. Truly, our 92 free practice questions help you get to the next level. Get going on your own LSAT skill refinement today. You've made it this far, why not take it a step further with our free practice questions?

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Logical Reasoning
 Question LSAT-LR-1 AssumptionChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-2 Weaken the ArgumentChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-3 Find the flaw in the ArgumentChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-4 InferenceChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-5 Parallel flaw in the argumentHard
 Question LSAT-LR-6 Find the flaw in the ArgumentHard
 Question LSAT-LR-7 Find the flaw in the ArgumentHard
 Question LSAT-LR-8 Method of ReasoningHard
 Question LSAT-LR-9 Point at IssueChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-10 Role PlayChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-11 AssumptionHard
 Question LSAT-LR-12 StrengthenMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-13 StrengthenHard
 Question LSAT-LR-14 Justify the Conclusion (JTC)Easy
 Question LSAT-LR-15 Weaken the ArgumentMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-16 Weaken the ArgumentHard
 Question LSAT-LR-17 Evaluate the ArgumentChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-18 Main PointHard
 Question LSAT-LR-19 InferenceChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-20 Cannot be InferredMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-21 AssumptionMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-22 PrincipleChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-23 Role PlayMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-24 InferenceMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-25 Method of ReasoningChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-26 Resolve the ParadoxChallenging
 Question LSAT-LR-27 Parallel ReasoningMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-28 Find the flaw in the ArgumentMedium
 Question LSAT-LR-29 Justify the Conclusion (JTC)Easy
 Question LSAT-LR-30 Point at IssueChallenging
Analytical Reasoning (Logic Games)
 Question LSAT-LG-1 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-LG-2 4 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-LG-3 5 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-LG-4 5 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-LG-5 5 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-LG-6 5 Questions - Variable Level
Reading Comprehension
 Question LSAT-RC-1 10 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-RC-2 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-RC-3 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question LSAT-RC-4 10 Questions - Variable Level

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