LSAT Private Tutoring in Flushing (New York)

When it comes to learning, no two students are the same. Many students learn perfectly well in group formats, enjoying the sense of togetherness and using others' questions as a helpful springboard for gaining knowledge. Other students, however, know they learn best when they are able to go at their own pace, focusing on the aspects of test preparation most relevant to them. If you know individualized attention is the most effective way for you to maximize your potential, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our LSAT private tutoring options. You will receive world-class instruction from our knowledgeable and experienced tutors. We pride ourselves on offering state-of-the-art resources, each one designed to produce impressive scores on the LSAT. All Manhattan Review students receive the test-taking techniques and educational tools that allow them to excel on the LSAT and take their places as leaders in the field of law. Those who take our prep courses and work with our private tutors go on to attend the most prestigious law programs in the United States and around the world before ultimately embarking on the career of their dreams.

Manhattan Review has been the leader in LSAT preparation among Flushing students since 1999. For those motivated students who desire an individualized study program, we are pleased to pair you with just the right instructor for all your test prep needs. Working one-on-one with an experienced tutor can not only accelerate your learning, it can also help you improve your test-taking skills and significantly boost your confidence. Our private tutoring programs are created specifically for each individual student, taking your unique strengths and areas of growth into consideration to help you prepare for the LSAT effectively and efficiently.

When you're intent on taking your LSAT preparation to the next level, consider working with a private tutor, as we will ensure the instructor you are paired with meets your unique test prep needs. Our Flushing instructors are experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to teaching and familiar with the intricacies of the LSAT. We have secured the services of skilled instructors with strong legal and educational backgrounds dedicated to helping others enjoy similar success and accomplishment. Rather than wasting valuable time piecing together a study program on your own, wondering where to start and if you're focusing on the right areas, let us help you get the LSAT score you need. In our private tutoring sessions, your tutor will work closely with you to understand your personal learning style, improving upon the academic strengths you already possess while helping you identify and overcome any areas of weakness that might negatively impact your LSAT performance. Our tutors are friendly and supportive and they know how to help students comprehend and retain course material, ensuring you feel confident and prepared when taking the LSAT.

The LSAT is purposefully designed to assess the skills required for the first year of law school. These skills include reading comprehension, reasoning, and writing. LSAT scores fall in a range between 120 to 180, with the median score being approximately 152. A median score, however, will not be enough to secure acceptance to a top-tier law school, and competitive scores generally fall in the 160s to 170s. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) is the organization responsible for the administration of the LSAT, and they regularly track and report statistical information about those who take the test, analyzing their information as a whole while also dividing test-takers into subgroups. According to the LSAC, among the most respected law schools, successful applicants have an LSAT score in the 170s. In order to be competitive for the highest-ranking law schools, it is necessary to do well on the LSAT. We at Manhattan Review can help you master all sections of the test, improving your reading comprehension and reasoning abilities while also strengthening your critical writing skills.

By working with a private tutor, you are able to focus on preparing for the LSAT at times that are most convenient for you. At Manhattan Review, we work with a wide variety of clients, from those who recently completed their undergraduate degree to experienced and established professionals seeking a promotion, pay raise, or to make an exciting career change. Working with a private tutor makes it easy to study and create a schedule that works with your current academic commitments or job obligations. Private tutoring offers customized instruction around your schedule, ensuring preparing for the LSAT can be treated as a top priority.

As those who live in and around New York City know, the area offers a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment. Home to world-famous Fortune 500 companies, this is a wonderful place to begin or expand your legal career. Along with such a dynamic job market, however, comes competition, and it is vital for your resume to stand out, ensuring hiring managers are taking notice of you and your accomplishments. One of the best ways to be noticed is by attending a leading law school whose name will practically leap off the pages of your resume.

Whether your plans involve staying in the Queens or New York City area, or relocating elsewhere for your legal career, you deserve the best LSAT preparation available today, and that preparation begins with the experienced private tutors at Manhattan Review. We look forward to helping you achieve your personal dreams and goals, and we are proud to partner with those eager to truly master the knowledge necessary to score high on the LSAT. Contact us today to learn more about our private tutoring options and see which program is right for you and your test-taking needs. Together, we will design the LSAT test prep program that is just right for you.

LSAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

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12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
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Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the current class that i am taking is really helping my studies. George has been a great help and I thank you for fitting the class into my busy schedule.
- Simone (This student prepared for the LSAT with us)

Meet a Flushing LSAT Tutor: Chris D.

Chris D. grew up in a small town in Texas and had never given much thought to New York City until he had a chance to visit the United Nations with his high school model U.N. team. "Coming to New York was like stepping into an entirely new world for me," he recalls with a laugh. "The energy was just so different, and I couldn't help but be caught up in it." While Chris had planned on following in his family's long tradition of attending the University of Texas, he now began to think past his undergraduate degree to the career he'd like to establish afterwards. "I've always loved politics on a global scale," he shares, "and I really wanted to help not just people get along, but countries."

Chris graduated from the University of Texas with a bachelor's degree in international relations and set his sights on a law school that would allow him closer access to the U.N. He worked evenings and weekends with a private tutor to prepare for the LSAT, and his hard work paid off when his score earned him offers of admission from all of his top-choice law programs. While his family was sad to see him leave, they also supported his desire to relocate, and Chris studied international law at New York University (NYU). He completed mentorships and workshops through joint programs between NYU and the United Nations, and upon graduation, Chris was offered a job in the United Nation's Office of Legal Affairs. "I love the work I do," he smiles, "and even though some might find contracts or treatises boring, I love working to find just the right word that all parties involved can agree on, allowing us to keep moving forward with diplomatic relations."

At a networking event, Chris had the chance to connect with team members of Manhattan Review and he fondly recalled his own experiences benefitting from private tutoring. He offered to speak with students interested in pursuing a career in law, and after providing guidance and counsel, he eventually found himself working as a private tutor to those students seeking a legal career. "I love the private tutoring I'm able to do," he shares. "Working with someone who knows the test and the system is so helpful, and I'm thrilled to share from my own experiences." Chris's tutoring methods are rooted in using real-world examples that are both memorable and informative, and he routinely has waitlists for his individualized instruction. When he isn't helping the next generation of lawyers master the LSAT, he can be found skiing wherever he can find snow, completing crossword puzzles, and working on his at-home bartending skills with his wife and friends.