Overview of LSAT Sections

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) has four distinct content areas: Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Analytical Reasoning, and Writing. These content areas are distributed over a total of six sections on every LSAT administration, which will include two Logical Reasoning sections, one Reading Comprehension section, one Analytical Reasoning section, one unscored experimental section, and one Writing section. The experimental section will be either Logical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, or Analytical Reasoning. All six LSAT sections are 35 minutes each, and the entire test takes three hours and 30 minutes to finish. As an introduction to the topic of LSAT sections, please have a look at the following pages:

  • LSAT Logical Reasoning Section
    The LSAT's Logical Reasoning section is covered in detail on this page. Included are a section outline that lists the total number of questions and timing, a description of the texts that form the basis of Logical Reasoning questions, and a discussion of the types of questions test-takers can expect to see on the Logical Reasoning section. We also summarize important findings on correlations between Logical Reasoning scores and law school grades.
  • LSAT Reading Comprehension Section
    An analysis of the LSAT's Reading Comprehension section may be found on this page. Among the LSAT Reading Comprehension topics discussed are the types of reading passages included, the types of questions test-takers can expect, the validity of the section, and how section skills coincide with those required for other portions of the examination.
  • LSAT Analytical Reasoning Section
    This page is a thorough yet concise resource for information on the Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT. After a brief section outline, we cover Analytical Reasoning issues such as question (setup) texts, question types, vital section skills, and validity. We also provide a hypothetical example of an Analytical Reasoning setup along with several possible questions.
  • LSAT Unscored Variable Section
    The LSAT variable section features experimental questions for potential use on future LSATs, and there are a number of important issues specific to the experimental portion of the test. See this page for a discussion of these issues, including variable section information disclosed and not disclosed to test-takers, how experimental content contributes to test development and security, and how to approach the section on test day.
  • LSAT Writing Sample
    Navigate to this page for complete coverage of the LSAT Writing sample, which is a required part of the LSAT. Learn everything you need to know about LSAT Writing sample essay prompts, essay tasks, use in law school admissions, score reporting, test security, and additional fees. Be sure not to neglect the Writing assessment in your LSAT preparation.