Overview of LSAT Preparation

Adequate LSAT preparation is essential for testing success and selective law school admission. There are many services and materials that can help test-takers study for the exam, from online courses and in-person tutoring to books and web resources. Sifting through the infinite number of LSAT preparation options can almost feel like a test in itself. Fortunately, this section is here to help LSAT students choose the LSAT prep that is best for their academic background, learning style, and law school goals. As an introduction to LSAT preparation topics, please have a look at the following pages:

LSAT Prep Online

This page will help you decide if online LSAT prep is the best option for you. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online LSAT courses and tutoring, summarize the contents of the LSAC website’s LSAT prep section, and guide you toward other valuable online resources (such as ABA-required disclosures and LSAT law school admissions data). We also point out a few factors to keep in mind while considering online LSAT prep.

Free LSAT Practice Test

Visit this page to receive a free LSAT practice test from Manhattan Review. We also discuss practice testing as a vital aspect of high-quality LSAT preparation and offer specific advice on how to use practice testing to raise scores. Other topics include available practice tests and related items, the difference between official and unofficial LSATs, and how to choose the best possible study aids.

LSAT Official Guides

Click here to learn about the official LSAT guides published by LSAC. LSAT official guide content appears in two volumes: The Official LSAT Superprep II and The Official LSAT Handbook (the former title is more important for test prep). Our page offers test-takers an overview of the content of both books and the practice tests included in Superprep II as well as advice on how to use the official guides.

LSAT Prep Books

This page features a summary of available unofficial LSAT prep books (those not published by LSAC). We cover the various types of unofficial LSAT prep books (including single-volume and multi-volume titles) and provide information that helps test-takers choose the most useful of these books. Students may also be interested in books related to LSAT prep and law school admission, which are briefly summarized as well.

LSAT Free Downloads

Learn about available free downloads for LSAT prep and related issues on this page. The LSAC website provides some free practice materials as well as downloads of important forms and publications on LSAC's rules and regulations. We also offer a summary of the LSAC Research Library and the LSAC Data Library, both of which contain publications of interest to test-takers.