Free Executive Assessment (EA) Practice Questions

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Quantitative Reasoning - Problem Solving
 Question EA-PSQ-1 Word ProblemsChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-2 Combinatorics; Permutation and CombinationChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-3 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-4 Word ProblemsEasy
 Question EA-PSQ-5 GeometryChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-6 GeometryChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-7 StatisticsChallenging
 Question EA-PSQ-8 Number PropertiesHard
 Question EA-PSQ-9 Number PropertiesMedium
 Question EA-PSQ-10 Number PropertiesHard
Quantitative Reasoning - Data Sufficiency
 Question EA-DSQ-1 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-2 Computation; Linear EquationsChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-3 Linear Equations; Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-4 Inequality; Linear EquationsChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-5 Ratio ProportionChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-6 Number PropertiesChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-7 InequalityChallenging
 Question EA-DSQ-8 StatisticsHard
 Question EA-DSQ-9 ProbabilityHard
 Question EA-DSQ-10 FunctionsChallenging
Verbal Reasoning - Critical Reasoning
 Question EA-CRQ-1 StrengthenChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-2 InferenceChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-3 InferenceMedium
 Question EA-CRQ-4 WeakenMedium
 Question EA-CRQ-5 BoldfaceChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-6 Find the AssumptionChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-7 Complete the ArgumentChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-8 Resolve the ParadoxChallenging
 Question EA-CRQ-9 Find the FlawHard
 Question EA-CRQ-10 Evaluate the ArgumentChallenging
Verbal Reasoning - Reading Comprehension
 Question EA-RCQ-1 6 Questions - Variable Level
 Question EA-RCQ-2 6 Questions - Variable Level
Verbal Reasoning - Sentence Correction
 Question EA-SCQ-1 Agreement; Grammatical Construction; Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question EA-SCQ-2 Diction; Grammatical Construction; Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question EA-SCQ-3 Logical Prediction; Parallelism 
 Question EA-SCQ-4 Diction; Logical Prediction 
 Question EA-SCQ-5 Subject Verb Agreement; Verb Form 
 Question EA-SCQ-6 Logical Prediction; Rhetorical Construction 
 Question EA-SCQ-7 Grammatical Construction; Logical Prediction 
 Question EA-SCQ-8 Idiom; Logical Prediction 
 Question EA-SCQ-9 Grammatical Construction; Parallelism 
 Question EA-SCQ-10 Agreement; Rhetorical Construction 

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