Scores in the Executive Assessment Integrated Reasoning Section

Integrated Reasoning: An Assessment of Analytical Skills

The Integrated Reasoning (IR) section is the first section of the Executive Assessment (EA) you will be asked to complete. Test takers are not given the option of which section they would like to begin with, and every EA assessment progresses in exactly the same order: Integrated Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning. Almost all of the questions in this section will present data or graphics followed by at least two questions about the information presented.

There are four types of questions in the section, including Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis, and Multi-Source Reasoning. There are 12 total questions on the IR section, and your performance on the first six questions will determine how easy, medium, or hard your final six questions are, given the computer-adaptive nature of the exam.


The IR is scored on a scale from 0-20 with one-point intervals. There is no partial credit given on the IR. Unlike the GMAT, there are no experimental sections on the EA, so you will receive credit for every question you answer correctly.

What Do We Know?

Given that the GMAC has refrained from sharing copious details about the particulars of the EA, it can seem like there are unknowns about this section of the exam; however, it is important to remember that there is quite a bit of information we do know.

  • You will see all four types of questions on the exam. There are 12 questions and 4 types, so you will certainly see more than one of some of the types, but you won't know how many of each type until you take the test. Still, you should be prepared to answer each type as you will see each of them at least once.

  • You will first get a raw score based on the IR questions you answer correctly. There is no partial credit, so any questions you miss for a prompt will make the whole prompt count against you. Once raw scores are determined, they will be converted to a scaled score of 0-20.

  • The IR score is separate from the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning section scores, although all three scores contribute to your total EA score.

Feeling Prepared

With the above facts, we can construe that there are certainly ways to feel more confident going forward with this section of the test. Take some practice tests beforehand so that you have a clear vision of what your strengths are and what you need to practice before the day you sit for the exam. When you practice, make sure to pay attention to your timing, as well, so that you can see which questions take you a long time and how many questions you can complete in the amount of time given (you have 30 minutes to complete the entire IR section). The more familiar you are with the different types of questions you will encounter on this section, the faster you can identify an approach to apply, assess, and modify, if needed. You should not be spending the same amount of time on every question, as some questions may require more time while others should require less. The more familiar you can be with the test and with completing this section in 30 minutes, the more confident you can be on the day of your exam.

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