Reinstating Executive Assessment (EA) Scores

EA Score Reinstatement Policies

Given that you can only take the EA a limited number of times, the GMAC does not permit you to cancel your scores. If you select schools and programs to send your scores to prior to taking the EA, your results will be sent as soon as you have completed the exam. If you wish to see your score first and then decide whether you wish to send it out, you can always choose programs to send scores to after completing the EA and having your final score. There is no charge for selecting business programs to receive your score after you have completed the exam, and scores are valid for up to five years after you have taken the EA.

It is also important to remember that if you do not receive your desired score the first time you take the EA, you can take the exam again. You may take the EA up to two times online and up to two times at an approved test center, which ultimately means you can take the EA up to a total of four times. As long as you do not select schools to receive your score prior to taking the EA, you can take the EA a second time and if you choose to share those scores, schools will not know this was the second time you took the EA. 

The fact that you cannot cancel your EA scores also means you cannot reinstate scores. While this is a very different policy from other standardized tests overseen by the GMAC, it is yet another reason to be as prepared as possible when taking the EA, only doing so after focused and sufficient preparation either on your own or with professional test prep assistance.