Registration for the Executive Assessment (EA)

EA Registration Procedure

Students may register for the EA through the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Prospective test takers should visit, where they will need to enter some basic background information in order to create an account. After an account has been created, students should follow the provided prompts and links to register for the EA either at home or at a local test center. Once you have made your appointment selection, you will pay the $350 registration fee via credit card or other online payment option. You may also select the schools you would like your EA scores sent to, or you can do this after you have taken the exam. Registered students will receive an email confirmation of their scheduled exam.

Students should ensure that the name they give for registration is exactly the same as it appears on the identification they plan to use on testing day. Regardless of where you take the EA, you will be asked to provide proof of your identity. At a test center, a proctor will confirm your identity and compare how you look to your photo identification; at home, you will hold up your photo identification to your computer’s camera, and your identity will be verified through facial recognition technology. Students are advised to carefully review their registration email and ensure all information is correct. If something is wrong (a name is misspelled, part of a birthday is incorrect, etc.), it should be addressed immediately by reaching out to the given customer support options.

Available Dates and Test Centers

Testing is available on the majority of days during the year, typically Monday through Saturday (Sunday administrations are uncommon). Specific dates vary by test center, but registration at least three months in advance will yield the largest number of available dates at any given location. Major metropolitan areas in the United States house dozens of test centers, and for most American students it is not difficult to find a convenient location in close proximity to home, work, or school. Overseas test centers are less numerous, but they can be found in 114 countries, usually in or near major cities. When you decide to take the EA at home, appointments are available around the clock and exist on a rolling basis, allowing the greatest amount of scheduling flexibility.

You can take the EA up to two times in person at a test center, and these attempts are considered separate from taking the EA online. You may take the online EA up to two times, meaning you could, in theory, take the EA up to four times total. You may take the EA as early as 24 hours after registering for it. If you are seeking to take the EA a second time at a test center, you may register for the second exam as early as 24 hours after completing your first exam. If you are seeking to take the EA a second time online, you will need to allow 16 days between your first and second test administrations.

Registration Fees

The standard EA registration fee is $350, which includes sending unlimited score reports to business schools. Students may reschedule their EA appointment without penalty fees up to 48 hours before their scheduled appointment time. You can reschedule your appointment 24-48 hours before your appointment for a fee of $75. To reschedule, visit your EA online dashboard and click the "My Appointments" page. You may also call Pearson VUE customer service and reschedule over the phone, but you will be charged an additional $10 fee for doing so. Appointments cannot be rescheduled within 24 hours of a scheduled appointment.

EA appointments may be canceled up to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment by going online and visiting your EA dashboard. Select the "My Appointments" page and follow the given instructions. Students may also call Pearson VUE customer service and cancel their exam appointment over the phone, but there will be an additional $10 fee for doing so. If you cancel your EA appointment more than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment, you will be refunded $250 out of the $350 registration fee. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your scheduled exam, you forfeit your entire $350 registration fee with no partial refund.

GMAC Privacy Policies for Registration Data

GMAC states that they compile registration data for a narrow set of reasons: "We use the information we collect to provide you the services you request, to customize and improve those services, and for research and development purposes." Information sharing associated with research is generally transmitted in aggregate form, with no identifiable individual student data included. Data may also be shared with any necessary service providers, or to comply with court orders. GMAC does not otherwise disclose information to third parties without the consent of the student.

Identification Policies

Students should familiarize themselves with the specific ID policies associated with taking the EA either at a test center or home. According to the GMAC, if a test taker is 1) a refugee, 2) has been granted political asylum, and/or 3) has another reason for not being able to meet the ID requirement for the location they will be testing from, the test taker should contact the GMAC at least 10 business days before they plan on scheduling the EA. You must receive approval from test security for an ID requirement exemption prior to scheduling your exam.

Overseas EA Administration

Overseas EA registration policies and student rights are specific to individual countries. All students taking the EA outside their country of citizenship must use their passport for admission to the test center, but identification requirements for non-U.S. citizens undergoing EA administrations in their home countries can vary considerably. The official EA website lists these policies, and also informs students of any additional rights or responsibilities they may have. For example, European Union countries have stronger protections for personal data than the United States, including the right to access and correct that data.

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