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Hong Kong students opting for the ACT with their university applications can reach their score goals with Manhattan Review's ACT prep services. We offer several effective ACT learning plans in Hong Kong, including traditional ACT prep courses in on-site format, virtual ACT classroom instruction in online interactive format, customized ACT tutoring, and ACT practice tests. Founded in 1999, Manhattan Review is a highly experienced international test prep company that has produced thousands of favorable learning outcomes in major Asian, African, European, North American, and South American cities. Our ACT students learn how to master the exam through complete coverage of ACT skills, development of optimal study plans, and expert test-taking strategies. Our well-qualified instructors implement rigorous learning plans using innovative instructional methodologies and comprehensive course materials. Find out more about why Manhattan Review is the best ACT prep resource in Hong Kong by contacting us at your earliest convenience. We're available by phone, email, or online to provide details on course offerings and course scheduling, or to answer any of your questions.

ACT score expectations at universities in the United States depend on institutional selectivity. Some schools have established minimum ACT scores for consideration of admission. Middle Tennessee State University, with an acceptance rate of about 73%, is an example of an institution that is not particularly selective. In order to be eligible for acceptance to this school, applicants must receive a composite ACT score of at least 22 (although this score does not guarantee admission). Highly selective schools usually do not stipulate ACT requirements, but the average performance of accepted students is a strong indicator of their expectations. The acceptance rate at Cornell University is approximately 15%, and the average composite ACT score for new students is 31 (with middle-50% scores of 30-33). In short, students with high ACT scores will almost always have a greater range of options for their undergraduate education, and students with ACT composite scores above 30 are usually competitive applicants at the most selective institutions.

Manhattan Review students have been accepted to MIT, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, the University of Chicago, the University of Virginia, Dartmouth, Duke, Vanderbilt, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, UC Berkeley, Caltech, the University of Michigan, and many more. Graduates of these institutions earn salaries that can be significantly higher than the averages for all college graduates. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for all college graduates is about $57,000 per year, regardless of age or experience. A recent salary survey showed that the typical graduate of Princeton University earns $65,000 per year in the early portion of his or her career and $131,000 annually by mid-career. Former Manhattan Review students have secured well-compensated positions at Fortune 500 companies and firms in Hong Kong, including State Farm Insurance, Dow Chemical, Berkshire Hathaway, New York Life Insurance, the Hong Kong and China Gas Company, Outblaze, Nanyang Commercial Bank, and Hopewell Holdings.

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Meet a Hong Kong ACT Tutor: Blaine R.

Blaine R., originally from San Diego, California, is a graduate of the University of Oregon (bachelor's degree in education) and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (master's degree in history). He has been teaching ACT prep in Hong Kong and Atlanta since 2009, and is also an experienced teacher of history at the secondary level. He has been living in Hong Kong since 2014.

Blaine's ACT students have been accepted to many different types of universities in the United States, ranging from Ivy League Schools to liberal arts colleges. According to his students, Blaine has a variety of effective approaches to each ACT section that produce results for diverse groups of learners. His hobbies include surfing, cycling, and following his favorite team, the San Diego Padres.