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SAT Tutoring with structure and a clear plan

Manhattan Review has developed its own time-tested strategy for its SAT tutoring programs. This process has been developed and improved over 20 years and has successfully helped thousands of students achieve elite scores on the SAT and gain admission into highly competitive schools. So how is Manhattan Review different from all other options out there? It may seem simple, but we closely follow the ageless management process: gather data, plan, execute and monitor. While this may sound basic, you will see that a large number of tutors go into sessions without a clear, well-structured lesson plan and prefer to take a flexible, on the fly approach. The topics that will be discussed are determined spontaneously instead of sticking to a pre-determined lesson plan. In contrast, Manhattan Review utilizes the lesson planning skills of its tutors and makes sure that both the content and the sequence in which it will be presented are clearly defined before commencing with the actual tutoring sessions.

After completing an initial SAT Prep Consultation, where our academic program advisors lead a discussion to learn more about the student's expectations and experience with the SAT, they are then set up with one of our highly experienced tutors whose background and teaching style matches the student's specific strengths, weaknesses and learning style. We even offer a complementary introductory session so that both students and parents have the chance to speak with the tutor about the program and how they can help the student get ready for the SAT before committing to any kind of package. Our tutors are highly trained and experienced with lesson planning allowing them to extract critical information from the students during initial discussions and then set realistic, yet ambitious goals with an individualized strategy to reach them. This process is based on identifying and mastering any topics that are seen as challenging for students and setting an optimal sequence in which these topics will be reviewed. At the end of the lesson planning process, the tutor will present a clear, soundly structured list of lessons and content to be covered during each session. Again, this is the complete opposite to the unstructured approach used by many other tutoring services, who commonly state that they are flexible on each topic during the sessions and welcome changing things on the fly. Each session with Manhattan Review is focused on extracting maximum potential from both the student and instructor while keeping the sessions engaging and efficient. Since this is the first standardized test many high school students will take, both test taking strategies and fundamental content are thoroughly covered in order to ensure that students go into exam day confidently. This recipe gives students the best chance at achieving those elite scores that are necessary for admission into competitive schools across the world.

Manhattan Review SAT Tutors – not just good test takers, but also great teachers

Manhattan Review prides itself on only work with the highest quality SAT tutors available. This is made possible through our highly selective hiring process, which has been a staple of our company since the beginning. While it is a given that top scores on the SAT are a requirement, we also put great emphasis on the passion our tutors show for helping students simply improve and become confident throughout their SAT preparation process. Manhattan Review's hiring process makes use of a true 360-degree evaluation with only those possessing both high-quality test-taking and teaching skills being selected. The combination of scoring highly on the SAT and having a proven track record with tutoring SAT students is the combination Manhattan Review seeks out in order to ensure that each student receives the attention they require from an expert on both the SAT and the process of getting students with a wide variety of strengths, weaknesses and academic backgrounds ready to take it. Having been in the test prep industry for over 20 years, we have learned that taking an exam and clearly getting the content and test taking strategies across to a student are two separate skills. We even more heavily value those tutors who display a passion for teaching students the relevant information in an effective and efficient way, but may have scored a few points lower on the SAT.

Manhattan Review's success in the test prep industry can be traced back to its origins. Manhattan Review was started at Columbia Business School in New York City by our founder who was actually teaching there at the time. He was not only pedagogically trained at Columbia University, but also continued on the path of professorship and became very successful at an elite business school in Europe. The experience gained through participating in hiring committees for academics and having to evaluate the teaching potential of those who apply for positions in academia is knowledge that cannot be simulated in any other contexts. That's why Manhattan Review tutoring is widely considered the best choice for SAT students.

The SAT Tutoring Process is highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded SAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please just simply fill out the SAT Prep Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation completely free, so get your prep started today!

Here are some of the highlights of working with Manhattan Review SAT Tutors:

SAT Tutoring Sessions: flexible scheduling for sessions

Private tutoring programs at Manhattan Review are designed to have each student's specific needs at the forefront of lesson planning and teaching during the sessions. Our tutors have extensive experience developing a preparation plan for each specific student through assessing their needs, students are taking advantage of a program that has them and their needs as the highest priority. Through the use of diagnostic tests, in-depth discussion about the student's academic history and future goals and a plethora of practice questions, our tutors are able to accurately design a curriculum that provides both efficiency and sound structure for the preparation time leading up to the day of the SAT. The customized lesson plan also takes the sequence in which the content should be covered into account, which is based on prioritization to optimize the sessions and retention for each individual student.

We understand that high school students have a full and volatile schedule, which is why the flexibility offered through private tutoring is the perfect way to fit in sessions at optimal learning times. There is certainly work that needs to be done outside of the sessions to properly prepare for the SAT, but the tutor will hold each student accountable for the work they agreed upon, which can serve as a motivating factor and is critical to the SAT preparation process. Manhattan Review continues to develop and improve upon the curriculum, teaching methods and overall preparation process used for our private tutoring programs with the goal of staying ahead of the rest of the industry, as we have since being founded in 1999.

SAT Tutors: in-person and online

Manhattan Review offers tutoring both in-person in many areas and online. In past times a majority of students sought out in-person options as that was the norm, but there is a growing trend towards the virtual settings. To start things off, current learning technology makes the experience nearly indistinguishable from your normal physical in-person atmosphere. The online platform used for tutoring sessions has an interactive whiteboard, on which both you and your tutor can write in the same way you would on paper in front of you. The video aspect, which allows you and the tutor to see each other during the sessions, helps to make the experience feel more personal, such as the one you would get while having sessions in a classroom or in-person setting. But there is one major factor as to why online tutoring is quickly becoming the most popular method of preparing for the SAT through tutoring. Manhattan Review has a large group of expert tutors who are eager to help students in any time zone get properly ready for the SAT as online tutoring gives students the ability to flexibly schedule their sessions as there is no commute required. When there is a need to drive to the location that you and the tutor agreed upon in the city and you are limited to a select number of tutors who can make the commute, online tutoring opens you up to choosing between a wide variety of academic backgrounds and teaching styles to make sure you have a tutor who you are comfortable with and fits your expectations and needs perfectly. Even though online tutoring is becoming more popular amongst students preparing for the SAT due to, in part, many of the reasons discussed earlier, Manhattan Review is just as happy to pair you with an available in-person tutor in your area if you believe that is the best chance for you to conquer the SAT.

The SAT Tutoring Process is highly customizable, and Manhattan Review has many options available to tailor preparation exactly to the student's needs. Therefore, the best way to proceed is to speak to one of our friendly and highly regarded SAT specialists. Requesting an appointment is easy, please just simply fill out the SAT Prep Consultation Request Form and we will be in touch right away. And yes, this in-depth consultation completely free, so get your prep started today!

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