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Since 1999, Manhattan Review has been providing high school students with the most comprehensive and advanced SAT tutoring services in the exam prep industry. Students, right here in Minneapolis, are able to master their strongest and weakest subjects of study with the help of our world-class Minneapolis SAT tutors in a one-on-one setting. We have scoured the globe for the best instructors, especially those with a true passion to teach. In fact, our exam prep was not created for the masses, but rather with the end goal of helping all students achieve top tier SAT scores for our students. The personalized attention of our instructors and learning plan is customized to each student's individual learning needs in order for him or her to enter the SAT exam with the confidence to succeed. Throughout the years, we have analyzed the SAT in order to craft a syllabus, which is easy-to-understand. Our quality and experience is unmatched in the test prep industry. Past students of ours are able to submit bulletproof applications to NYU, Harvard, MIT, Yale, Wharton and Columbia. Take advantage of in-state tuitions and enroll in the best colleges in Minnesota who will be vying for your enrollment.

We invite you to review our professional SAT tutors information and discover why we are the leader in the exam prep industry. They are not only accomplished and knowledgeable, but also passionate and heartfelt. They too have all take the exam and feel each students desire to succeed. They walk along side each of their students until they reach the finish line. Each one is unique in the way they teach and that's why we pair you up with the tutor best suited to your style of learning. Along with our professional tutors, we offer Interactive Online Courses for those who perhaps learn even better on their own. Either way, our study guide is set to produce high percentile SAT scores consistently.

Perhaps you want to work at a Fortune 500 company right here in Minneapolis like US Bancorp or Target? They often hire locally from Minneapolis Universities. Other students of ours go on to become lawyers, MBA's, doctors, entrepreneurs and more. It becomes evident that whichever path you wish to embark on is first decided by your SAT score. The top ranking SAT score will open the door to any college or university you wish to attend. Don't wait another day to prepare for the SAT the way prospective Ivy League students prepare - your future begins tomorrow!

SAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

SAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online
SAT Prep Course Minneapolis - Photo of Student Jessica

He helped us relate new vocabulary words with words we use everyday. I learned some excellent SAT tips and new vocab.
- Jessica (This student took our SAT preparation course)


Primary Course Venue:

Manhattan Review GMAT GRE LSAT Prep
Minneapolis Teaching Center at the Marriott
30 South 7th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55402

Phone: (612) 392-3261

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Minneapolis SAT Tutor: David E.

David has always been known to be a hard worker. Raised on a farm in northern Iowa, David knows what it takes to earn a dollar. More so, he went on to college at Wharton and received a B.A. in finance. Following undergrad, he completed his Masters in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Washington. Volunteering to tutor at first, he soon realized he had a knack for it and began doing it full time in undergrad and throughout graduate school to not only help his peers shine, but help him manager tuition costs as well. Whether his students signed them selves up for his courses or whose parents did, David is no stranger to motivating young scholars. He finds new ways to engage this students using his Cognitive Psych degree, which focuses on the psychology of learning.

His interest in how everyone learns differently is what keeps his mind sharp and lessons multi-faceted. He doesn't want to become stale or stagnant in his lessons and often references current artists, television shows or movies to keep their attention and show he is more than just a brilliant instructor. Taking turns in class to describe a vocabulary word has become a game he plays. Similar to charades, his students aren't allowed to talk, but can find objects that describe the word without saying it. Students' minds are put to the test as they run through hundreds of words and their meanings an hour. David is always amused at how his students are always learning without really realizing it. One-on-one he can distinguish what core areas need improved upon and by the end of the course, he has them polished and prepped for test day.

David also has a huge problem – as some call it – with being a fanatic for the Seattle Seahawks. During his time in graduate school they won a Super Bowl and he was hooked. He jokes that there is about nothing more important to him than his students, that is unless its Super Bowl Sunday and his Hawks are on the goal line.